Meet Me on Monday MIA

I waited to post anything to see if Java was going to put up her Meet Me on Monday.  I guess Java has too much going on right now!  :(  So, let's catch up on some tv, shall we?

Has anybody been keeping up with Roland Garros (otherwise known as The French Open)?  The women's draw has just been full of surprises this year!  Serena going out in the first round, and Wozniacki, Kutznetsova, Jankovic, Schiavone all being upset.  Looks like Maria Sharapova is definitely the favorite now.  I get so frustrated when ESPN insists on showing Nadal or Federer beating the crap out of somebody, instead of a good match.  I would much rather watch a close match by 2 "unknowns" than watch a very lopsided match by one of those 2.  Sloane Stephens from the USA was very impressive against Sam Stosur yesterday.  She's definitely a power hitter and will be someone to watch in the next few years.

Real Housewives of New Jersey:  Let me just say what I've said before:  Caroline could be one of my closest friends.   We're both no drama zones and we come from big families.  On last night's episode, the fam went to Chicago for her brother's wedding with his partner.  Out of 11 kids, I think only 3 went to the ceremony, plus their mom.  They also showed Rosie's (Kathy's sister) coming out to Kathy's kids.  Since I have a gay brother, that episode was very close to my heart.  It brought back all of the feelings I had when my brother came out to us.  No matter what, my brother will always be my brother, and I will love him forever.

I'm pretty much over Real Housewives of Orange County.  Those people just need to grow up.  It's amazing to me that 40 year old women get so crazy and immature over drama.  I'm a bit curious to see the new NYC tonight.  Last season LuAnn had a bit of the immaturity and "I'm better than you" mentality.  It's hard to believe that some of these ladies are in the business world, but are so immature.  I have no other way to describe it except as "immature".

The new season of "Necessary Roughness" (USA Network) starts Wednesday.  One thing I love about summer:  I can stay up and watch the new shows that come on at 10:00, courtesy of afternoon naps!  I caught up on the premier season a couple of weeks ago.  I wasn't sure if I would like this show, but I thought it was surprisingly good.  A couple of other good shows on that network are "Fairly Legal" and "Common Law".  "Suits" starts back up next week.

Okay, I guess I've bored you enough.  Let me know if there are any other summer shows out there that I 'm missing!


  1. I've become a USA Network junky ... watching NCIS and Law & Order: SVU reruns. I've seen the promos for Necessary Roughness, Fairly Legal, Common Law, and Suits ... they all look pretty good. Unfortunately, I just can't stay up that late ... but maybe I should set the DVR to record them??

  2. I don't have much to contribute in the TV category. Since we don't have TV I'm totally out of the loop, BUT we do have the internet where we can watch things we just can't live without like the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA playoffs! Go Thunder! - On another note I've started my Weekend Wrap-Up link up today if you want to share a photo from your weekend!

  3. I'm like Kathy above. I watch NCIS a lot on USA. I've also watched Common Law and so far I like it too. I haven't watched the other stuff you have listed, so I know nothing about those shows.

    Have a great day.

  4. We don't have TV service either -- but I wouldn't watch the crime shows because as a former prosecutor, I end up arguing with the show or smacking my head or howling...and I can't tell you how much TV has messed up juries. Everyone thinks they're an expert now and insists on "DNA" evidence ...sheesh.

    And by the way, that young cute cop was totally HAWT. My daughter was mortified when I shared the story at dinner last night.

  5. The only thing I watched recently is the series Hatfields & McCoys. Yowzer! It sucked me right in :)

  6. Don't really do tennis or Real Housewives, but I like Necessary Roughness and Fairly Legal! I haven't watched Common Law, yet, but it sounds like something I should check out.

  7. I keep thinking that I need to check the A&E season to see if it has started again. It doesn't fall in line with the other channels and it probably has, so I am probably already behind on the only show I watch on there: The Glades. I have just about given up on summer TV. Most of the shows rarely get picked up. The networks like to throw them against the wall to see if anything sticks. Rarely does anything stick. So, I end up investing my time for naught. I am about over that. And I can't stand Reality TV. So, I can't say that I've seen your shows. In what seems like another lifetime I was a big tennis fan, but that fell by the wayside. *sigh* Now I mostly watch movies, TV on DVD, or play around on the internet. I am looking forward to some of my shows coming out on DVD that I didn't watch this past season... that will be my summer TV!

  8. All the housewives are insane. Except Caroline? maybe? I keep wondering why she and her sister Dina don't talk...I really really liked Dina. So that is weird to me.
    Those beyotches in OC are full of botox...and that apparently goes directly to your brain.

  9. Have never been a fan of tennis. The only HW I watch is New Jersey. I love Caroline! My brother is gay and my husbands sister is gay. We love them unconditionally. Enjoy your other shows. I like having the summer off from TV even though I get board.


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