Eat & Drink: Germany/Austria

Where do I even begin to talk about the food & drink we had on this trip?  We didn't have a bad meal until we got to the hostel on Sylt, and even then it wasn't really bad.
Our first meal consisted of schnitzel & potatoes at the hostel in Austria.  We're talking homemade, y'all!
We had schnitzel several times, including some at a little bistro in Kölleda:

 The bistro was really cute:

We had street Bratwursts:
I had Nuremburg Sausages, sauerkrat, slaw, and a pretzel in Munich:
And a couple of the kids were brave enough to try something very different  than what they're used to:
Berlin gave us "Curry Wurst", which was surprisingly good!  When I tried it, it was a sliced sausage with a ketchup-based sauce & curry powder sprinkled on it.  This was paired with french fries (pommes frites) with mayonnaise.  (But, it's not like our was really good!)
Spargel (asparagus) was definitely in season.  It was everywhere!  I had a taste of the white asparagus with cheese, and it was quite good.
Spätzle:  This isn't my picture, but we had this a few times.  It was a little bland; I think it would've been better with some kind of sauce on it.
Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancake) is another food that I had a taste of that was very good.  (Again, not my picture!)
This isn't my picture (again!), but we did have frikadeller at least a couple of times, both in Germany and in Copenhagen.  These were delicious!

Some of us had "Kaffee und Kuchen" at the Bach Haus.
 I didn't have one of these, but they were too pretty to eat anyway!
When we dipped into Tønder, Denmark, the kids (and the adults) lined up for Danish hotdogs, which are out of this world!
We also indulged in a "softis", which is soft ice cream, but it tastes kind of like whipped cream, too.  Very good!
And, what else would you have in Hamburg but a Hamburger steak?
Then there was the drink!  We had mead (honey wine) out of a giant horn during our medieval meal in Eisenach:
Our first beer in Germany (it only took about 8 hours!):

Each town/village in Germany has its own beer, so of course I had to try as many as I could!  Here's a collage of most of the beers I tried:
The only one I didn't like was the Jever; it had a bitter taste to it.  
This dog was so well behaved, laying and waiting for its owner to get through with her meal:
If we're talking Germany, I can't forget the German Chocolate!  We I stocked up on RitterSport (all different varieties, but our favorite was Yogurt), and Kinder.  The last time I was in World Market, I noticed that they carry Kinder, so now I know where to go to get my German Chocolate Fix!


  1. All these plates I know very well and I can tell you when I make Kartoffelpuffer or Frikadellen I have to make for a whole army because my men love this so much ! They eat it just like that, even cold.

  2. That's the best part of traveling is trying all the different foods. Good for the kids who were brave to try everything.

  3. I'm not very brave when it comes to trying new foods, but I think it's FANTASTIC that you are. I enjoyed getting to see foods I've never heard of before and the fact that you can spell the foods makes you a ROCK STAR!! What a wonderful vacation you had!!

  4. The food looks yummo. Did you have a kinder egg. There is nothing like European chocolates. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  5. I love all of the little details you share about the trip. I've never been to Germany, but you make me want to go!

  6. I'm so hungry after reading this and seeing all the pics! I didn't even think about the glorious amount of food you tried until you brought it up! Of course, my first thought was chocolate! ha ha! Potato Pancakes were big in South Korea, too.

  7. Beer, beer, beer, beer. Did I say Beer? Yum.

  8. Looks like you tasted it all. Too bad you can't offer samples on the internet.

  9. I love the German food and beer. I think vegetarians would have a hard time there : )

  10. Ritter and Kinder and Toblerone are all available at World Market,which makes me a little bit sad. When they were difficult to get, I think we enjoyed them more as the rare pleasure they were.

    Same with German food. Although I've had spargel (white) in the US, there was nothing like having it in Germany at a small Gasthaus when it had been harvested from the neighboring fields earlier that day. Yummm...and of course, when I lived there we hiked every weekend in order to justify those calories!

  11. See, I never would have thought food in Germany would be good; You've proved me wrong again. I think I could eat my way across the country....but I'll skip the beer and go for some wine. They import from Italy right???
    Looks like great fun!

  12. I had to look up Schnitzel. Sounds like what my grandmothers made. They would hammer down pork and fry it breaded! Brats, sausage and sauerkraut sound wonderful. We also ate sauerkraut all the time growing up. Everything looks really yummy to me and I would love to taste the Frikadellen. Bohemian and German food are very similar. Sounds like a fine time eating and drinking on your trip. Hooray for World Market.


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