I Try...I Think

I try…
… to respect other’s opinions.
… to not be thought of as “holier than thou”.
... to leave people that I meet no doubt that I am a Christian.
... to be tolerant of others.

I think…
...SCOTUS opened up a whole can of worms with their decision.
...maybe if the wording had been different, there wouldn't be such controversy.
...this country is more divisive than I've ever seen it.


  1. As far as divisiveness is concerned, you're right ... and that's saying a lot because this country has been so divided for some time now. Tolerance (regardless of the topic) is only extended to those who have the same POV ... anyone with a differing POV is immediately declared to be a bigot. So sad.

  2. Agreed. It is a difficult time without a doubt. I guess we keep on living our Christian lives as best as we can and keep seeking Him for guidance. It is definitely an interesting time.

  3. More diverse... more division... this world seems to be going down BIG TIME...
    I just feel like its creeping closer to Jesus returning. Lord, let it be today!

  4. I think we need to do a lot of praying.


  5. I am always afraid that I will come off holier-than-thou. I try so hard not to.

  6. I agree with you about this country being worse than it was before the current POTUS. Totally.

  7. I agree, Mary...our country is in a serious state of unrest and it's so disturbing. I can recall it being this bad.

  8. I like what your try to do and think.


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