Another Random Without Linda

I thought Linda would be back from her Random Break, but I guess she needs more time off from having to think so hard!  I still can't blame her;  my brain is still on summer break.  Once again, I give you a random half-dozen of things that have been going on here in the small town:

1.  Getting into a "new routine", one that consists of husband & I going to work, and YS to school...alone.  It feels kind of weird just getting up 1 boy for school.  At least the one that I have to get up does really well getting out of bed when he's suppose to!  Pepper helps him by "doing her job":  she'll  jump on the bed and bestow morning kisses until he gets up.
2.  Does this need any words?
Husband was going for a ride on Saturday; this is how he was dressed when he came into the kitchen, and yes, I was laughing!  He waited for me to grab my camera and take a picture.  He said something about me mentioning in a blog post that he had to marry me so he wouldn't walk around looking like this!

3.  This trifle bowl:
This was my mother's bowlThis is the bowl I use when I make Mexican Trifle Bowl.  I knew if I borrowed it enough, mom would  tell me to just keep it, since I'm the only one who uses it.  Well,  it happened last Thursday:  When I told her I needed to bring it back, Mom told me to just keep it!  She said if she ever needed it, she knew who to borrow it from!  One of my sisters called me a brat when we talked about the bowl at the 4th of July.  Hmmmm...wonder what she meant by that!  (hee-hee!  I love being the youngest girl!)

4.  Flowers not only surviving, but thriving!



(No, I didn't get mulch out, and I didn't take a picture of the groundcover that may or may not make it!)
And hummingbirds stopping by for a quick snack:

5.  It has been so dry this summer that the hickory tree outside of our living window is already losing its nuts:

 The squirrels are having a field day, but the nuts falling and hitting the house startle us from  time to time!  There's also a lot of crunching going on when we drive out of /into the driveway.

6.   Reality update: 
Tuesday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey was relatively calm.  Danielle made a point to say that her daughter's Sweet Sixteen Party was very expensive, but that everything was donated.  I thought it was interesting that they never mentioned  the charity where they were donating the money, or how much they raised.  It was nice that her daughter's father/ her ex-husband showed up, but, man, did he look extremely uncomfortable when she hugged  him!  And of course, she turned on the tears.  No doubt it was because she saw the $$ that got away!  Next week's preview showed Kim G. finally having it with Danielle and really letting her have it.  Can't wait!  
Sunday night on Next Food Network Star I was shocked that Aria pulled a fast on on Aarti.  I really liked Aria in the past, but apparently she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.  If you didn't see it, Aarti was in charge of talking to the dinner guests so she could introduce their concept.  Aarti has a bit of a confidence problem to begin with, and Aria decided to be a little  sneak and get her rattled.  After a couple of sentences, Aria broke in and interrupted. Aarti did a good job of not appearing to be rattled, and Aria claimed that she wasn't sure if Aarti wanted her to introduce the concept or if she was going to do it herself (even though she asked as they were going out and Aarti said she'd  do it.).  What goes around comes around:  Aarti won the challenge, and Aria was in the bottom two.  You know what they say about Karma...!  Unfortunately, Serena (who was a little weird seeing before she presented) was the one who was sent home.  I  bet Aria isn't going to be far behind!

I know that long posts are some people's pet  peeves, so I'll end it here.  Hope everybody has a good  "Hump Day"!


  1. I like the pictures of your flowers. Mexican Trifle Bowl sounds interesting. You may need to share the recipe.

    I totally understand on comment moderation.

  2. LOVE the trifle bowl!!! LOL!! I used to do the same thing to my mom!

  3. Random posts are my fave! Long or short. :) Your flowers look beautiful!!! And I did giggle at your hubby's get up!
    Hope you are having a great week!!

  4. Dry here, too, and the grass is brown and crunchy and beginning to fill with yellow and brown leaves. The flowers have to be watered every day, but like yours, mine are thriving and beautiful.

    Your trifle bowl is exquisite, but what is Mexican Triffle?

    Hubby is a gem to let you take that photo, knowing you'll publish it for all the world to see!

    And the dog, licking faces to say "wake-up" - oh yeah, I know how that is! As irritating as it is, you just have to laugh and get up and hug them!

  5. I loved the photo of your husband. What a good sport he is to pose for the photo. I think it's safe to say that he will never be a Fashionista, and like most men he-could-care-less. LOL

    Hey, what's a Mexican Trifle??
    I gotta know!

  6. Oh man....I still have last Sunday's episode of TNFNS dvr'd for watching later. LOL I haven't had time to watch it yet. Aarti is my favorite so I'm glad she's still in it.

  7. Your husband's outfit....ahahahaha! That's all I have to say about that. I've missed the last couple episodes of the NFNS. Thanks for catching me up. That trifle bowl is gorgeous. What's a Mexican Trifle?

    I'm having a giveaway. Be sure to stop by and enter.

    Blessings, SusanD

  8. What's a Mexican trifle? You must share.

    I love the hummingbirds...they're one of my favorites.

    I bet my whole blog is someone's pet peeve. I'm not good at succint. : )

  9. Yes, explain about the Mexican Trifle dessert. Sounds good.

    I've never been fast enough to snag a hummingbird photo. Good job! know they love to be blogged about and will do just about anything to get in on it! :)

    Who the heck cares about others pet is your blog! Enjoy yourself!

  10. Love your flowers...and dogs make the best alarm clocks.
    Trifle bowl: pretty.
    Husbands outfit: not pretty. :)

    Danielle is a wacky woman...can't hardly take watching her.

  11. Oh that did she get seemingly nice kids?

  12. Okay, can't just show us a picture of that beautiful trifle bowl, then tell us it holds Mexican Trifle and then not give us the recipe!!! :-) It sounds delicious!!

    Your flowers are beautiful! I think they always get the most gorgeous right before the frost gets them.

    I looove TNFNS!!! I DVR it and then watch it the next day, usually when Jaylon is napping.
    At this stage of the show, I think Aarty is going to win, but that could all change in a show or two! :-)


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