Thank You Very Much & Give-a-Ways

It's Thursday  (well, really it's  Wed. night, but, if you're reading this Wed. night, you'll just have to pretend), which means free therapy time courtesy of Kmama!  It's the day that you can very sarcastically thank the irritations of the past week, and feel better when you're done.  And, y'all better hold on to your britches, 'cause I'm  back at work and I've got plenty to say!

1.  Thank you, YS' school for messing up schedules.  He was at the school for 3 1/2 hours trying to get it straight and waiting in line.  Wait...there wasn't a line.  Apparently the kids there haven't been taught how to wait in a line, and they didn't think to have a couple of faculty members helping to keep order.  What I saw was a crowd of 15 year old kids standing near tables, inching their way up, in no semblance of a line whatsoever.  By the time we got up to the counselor, she was ready to go home, quickly checked the schedule, and told YS to stop by her office first thing Monday morning to pick up his schedule.  It wasn't until we left that I realized Driver's Ed. had been left off...and he gets his license in September. 

2.  Thank you, school system where I work, for making your employees waste 1 1/2 hours of the day at the employee fair.  All I got out of it was some pens, and a backscratcher.  I think our time could've been put to better use by being at our schools.

3.  Thank you, coworker, for putting me down as a reference on an application without asking firstHeeeeell-oooo!  It's common professional courtesy to ask before using someone as a reference.  When the company called, I couldn't tell her anything because I'm not your supervisor and I've never seen you in therapy, or at your school.  I probably wasn't a good choice to use as a reference, even though I've known you for 30+ years.

4.  Thank you, presenter of one of the most boring inservices ever, for throwing down the handout in front of everybody, then, at the end of the day when you were assisting another presenter, snatching some handouts out of my hand that I was about to pass to the people in the back row.  Very professional.

5.  Thank you again, presenter, for thinking that we are complete morons who have no idea how to write present levels of performance.  Oh, and a word of advice:  If you're going to give us an example of how to write an IEP, make sure your example is perfect.  There were statements in places they didn't belong as well as a misspelled word.  Yep, that was a great example.

6.  Thank you, certain someones in my household, who still can't grasp the concept of putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  We've only been in this house 6 years, so I could see how you wouldn't be able to understand that when the light to the dishwasher is off, the dishes are dirty.  You can put dirty dishes in there if the light isn't on

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  1. Hope you feel better. :) Those things sound truly aggravating.

    I'm jealous you still have driver's ed. Ohio no longer offers it in schools. It's an (expensive) pain in the rear to take it privately.

    I came close to losing it this morning when I saw my 18 year old had put the dirty breakfast dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher right beside the sink that was clearly empty. 18! Time to wise up.

  2. Sounds like you have had quite the day/week!! LOL My hubby spent his day of inservice in the mountains hiking with his dept... totally got caught in that nice thunderstorm and pouring rain! I had to laugh when he walked into my office soaked! ;)

  3. Let's see, I think it's safe to say that the week is not going so well. It didn't seem like you had much of a summer break, can't believe you're already back in school. I've ordered you a Margarita. Drink up!

  4. LOL. I love it! It is so refreshing to hear another school system employee's remarks about the inservices we are forced to attend each year and the people they pay big bucks to come and do them. For two years straight we either shouted or killed dendrites and I was treated like a kindergartener. I hated it! This year...because of proration...we are NOT having a guest...Thank you God! My meetings start next week. This week is orientation and I had to work one yesterday. BORING! The big man says that our attendance at these things is mandatory....but funny thing...there were several people NOT present. Not me...I was there. I started sharing my pictures today. You will have to follow me for the next few days and see the things and places we saw.

  5. Do you teach?

    Just the idea of an inservice with a bad presenter makes me cringe. Ugh.

    Thank you for linking up (and posting about my giveaway!).

  6. Oh I do not miss the boring inservice where I spend hours thinking about all the productive stuff I could be doing that would actually benefit the KIDS.

  7. #7...that is my life in a nutshell. Except it is 2 "certain someones."

  8. Here's a perfect example of how some school districts need to rethink how they spend money. Teachers are awesome and should have more in class assistance.

  9. I am so glad you get this off of your chest....hope you feel better. :)

  10. Awww I'm sending you cyber hugs Mary!! ((hugs))

    Hope you have a better weekend!

  11. Yikes! You certainly have had quite a week.

    I feel your pain with the Einsten's, oh I'm sorry, the computers that do the scheduling. My sophmore has Chemistry II first semester and Chemistry I second semester.


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