Thank You Very Much: Band camp edition


Thursday is the day that KMama hosts a free therapy day.  If you have something you need to get off of your chest, go visit her, link up, read some other people's rantings, and (hopefully) realize your irritations aren't so bad after all!

This week I have been a chaperone for YS' high school band camp.  Away from home.  Which means living in a dorm.  And being in the heat (but at least I get to sit in the shade).  So, yeah, I've got some things to say!

1.  To the little cheerleaders who came in on Tues.: Thank you for swarming the cafeteria, creating long lines when our kids were hungry, hot, and thirsty.

2.  To one little cheerleader who insisted on busting her way through the line:  Your politeness is awesome.  One little bitty "excuse me' would have been nice.

3.  To another little cheerleader who "shared" the hamburger bun bag with me:  Thanks a bunch.  You proved to me that cuteness isn't everything.  Again, one "excuse me", and I would've handed you the bag (since you were already past the buns).

4. To the other female chaperone:  Thank you for babying our kids to the point that they know if they forget something you will run to WalMart to get what they need.  Maybe I'm just mean, but kids learn by their mistakes, and if they forget to bring a pillow, they can roll up a shirt and use that. 

5.  Again to the other female chaperone:  Thank you for talking to one of the female band members after the band director talked to her about a situation.  You looked so very important spending time with her when she should've put on her big girl panties and gone back out onto the field.  She was put on display to the point that during break she got more attention with a lot of members coming over to give her more attention.  (In fairness to the chaperone:  I don't know what happened...don't want to know, and am not sure that the director didn't ask her to talk to the girl.  But, the conversation could've taken place under our canopy, not right in front of the band.)

6.  To the dorm:  I appreciate sleeping in damp bedding.  What is it with the humidity in the rooms?  We leave the air on and our room is wet when we come back.  We turn the air off and our room is wet when we come back.  Final solution:  air on and windows cracked.  Seriously.

I feel so much better now!  We head home this afternoon, right after lunch.  It will be so very nice to sleep in my dry bed!
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  1. Bless your heart! This brought back memories of staying in the dorms during cheer camps when I was their sponsor. Can I tell you how glad I am those days are done?! Isn't TYVM the best therapy?!!!

  2. That brings back so many memories! I was in band and attended four years of band camp!!

    I'm glad you are getting to go home. A/C in dorms? WHERE???

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Ooooh, band camp days! I never chaperoned, never could get the time off work, and now I sure am grateful for that!

    So, will you chaperone again next year?

    Our band camp was always at the most beautiful camp - tall shading oaks and pines, a babbling creek winding throughout, pool, open fields for practice, cute little pine cabins. Every time we went, for parent;s day, I'd come home dreaming about my own camp some day. Still do. I'm thinking bed and breakfast/band camp/retreat/party venue.

    My husband just outright TELLS me I'm crazy.

  4. Haha, I can totally identify with the pillow thing. I'm like you though, if I forget it, I use a sweater or jacket.

  5. Ah, band camp. What can I say. More than a decade and a half have passed and the memories remain fresh.

    My daughters marched in the color guard and they had T-shirts that declared their sentiments of disdain regarding cheerleaders. I couldn't help but remember while reading your post today.

    "Those who can - Spin. Those who cannot - Cheerlead."

    Welcome home.

  6. But someday your son will look back and realize that when it was something important to him and his friends HIS MOM was the one to take the heat, the damp, and the irritating cheerleaders. And he'll know that it was because she loved HIM!

    Hang in there Mary. You have a pedicure owed you . . . !

  7. Oh...this really does not sound fun.
    Hot, wet bedding, snotty kids.
    You are one awesome volunteer.

  8. Amen to #4! ~ I don't have kids though so I'm probably even meaner than you in these kind of situations!

  9. So how did you manage to not bite your tongue off?

  10. So I guess what you're saying is Band Camp is more fun for kids than the chaperones? : )

    Have a nice air-conditioned weekend in your own comfy bed!

  11. You are a very brace woman to go through all of that.

  12. So that's where you've been hiding! I wondered where you had been. I imagined something a little more lovely for vacation. Nice to have you back!

    Have a great weekend,

  13. Oh the memories that brings to mind. My daughter was in band....7-12 grade and I chaperoned band camp and trips to places a lot. I had forgotten (selective amnesia) about the damp beds in the dorm. You are a bigger person than I am....I am not sure I would enjoy it so much these days...but are a lot younger than me.....:-) Glad you will be home soon. I went to college one summer in Walla Walla WA and we shared the campus with the bun heads (ballerinas from all over Washington state) about some post after that would have sounded much like yours...especially the meal ones.

  14. Oy! Wow. I think I'm thankful that our band camp is 8-5 here, then home everynight for two weeks. That sounds truly not fun.


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