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I've read a few posts that have talked about pet peeves on blogs.  So, I started wondering:  what do I do that irritates people when they visit?

Apparently Playlist is one of the top peeves.  I had Playlist on my blog at one time, down at the bottom, but I didn't have the music playing automatically. I have to admit, sometimes when I visit a blog, I have to quickly scroll down the page to find the Playlist to put it on pause.  This is mainly because YS has borrowed my computer and has turned the volume up loudly.  Of course, the better choice would be to make sure the speaker was turned off before I started browsing, but who thinks of that!  There are a couple of blogs that I visit that have an awesome playlist. Sometimes I'll leave those blogs up while reading others just so I can listen to the music.

Then there's the comment moderation.  Apparently this really irritates some people to the point that they don't leave a comment, or don't revisit that blog.  So, I turned the comment moderation off, then got a couple of spam e-mails.  I've turned it back on.   If I don't get a few comments because of it, so be it.  I'd rather not get some comments than have some humongous virus on my computer that Norton didn't catch.

Since we're on the comment subject:  I try to respond  to each comment I receive.  If the commenter has an e-mail address link with their profile, I'll e-mail.  Otherwise I'll visit their site and leave a comment.  I get a little frustrated if the commenter doesn't have their blog address available in which to link; I feel like I'm not reciprocating their time. 

When I read others' blogs, most of the time I leave a comment.  Sometimes I'm rushed for time, so I'm doing good to just briefly visit.  But, please know, if I follow you, I visit at least once a week.  I also don't have time to go back and revisit someone's post after I've commented.  So, if  you want to comment on my comment, e-mail  me!

I usually post in the mornings, but since I've had to go back to the coal mines the teachers are back at work, I'm going to have to post at night.  I just can't post in the morning and get ready for work.  Unfortunately, I think getting ready for work takes precedent!  When I first started blogging, I would do a "draft" in the evening, then revise in the morning before I posted.  Yes, I know I can be very OCD, but I would think of things during the night that I had left out.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I'm sure I'll still revise in the morning, but I'm going to therapy for that do my best not to do that any more.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and take a peek into my extremely boring life!  Constructive criticism is fact, I have received a couple of suggestions that were wonderful!  Y'all are the BEST!


  1. I feel the same way you do about the comments - I like to respond to every comment that I get. Ideally, with an email, but so many people don't have an email address connected to the profile, I work hard to visit their blogs and communicate that way.

    Where do you work/life that teachers are back to work already?

    Oh, and I'm a huge fan of the 'schedule' feature of blogger. I have been known to write a whole week of posts on a rainy or snowy Saturday morning and just schedule them to post. If something more post-worthy happens during the week, I just move it.

  2. I feel the same way about comments. I love to email people back. I really enjoy doing it and I enjoy when people email me.

  3. What is the old saying, "It always sounds/seems better in the morning?" I like to "sleep"on it. I really like do enjoy your blog! Now I have to double check my email have me thinkin'...

  4. I leave posts...sometimes...mainly I'm a "blog lurker." (You know I'm out there.)

  5. I used to have a playlist, and then my husband said it was really annoying to try and read with the music playing. I then read "somewhere" that music is a no no on blogs. I then found I didn't like it when music automatically came on other sites. As a result, my speakers are always muted and I only unmute them when I want to listen to something specific. I don't know what the best answer is, but I prefer no music or at least not automatic music. I turned off comment moderation, but still have the word verification. This way they still have to go through verification but the comment shows up immediately. I only turned moderation off because I was having problems with my comment feature. I may turn it back on eventually, but I'm not having any problems right now by just using the word verification. I love your blog, you make me smile every time I check in!

  6. I love your blog. It's like visiting a best friend I've never met. Playlists drive me crazy. I find them distracting. I'm not one of those people who can listen to music and read, for instance.

    Still working on responding to comments. Good thing I don't get too many (although you have been very faithful!)

    I need to see if I can figure out that scheduler thing that Rebecca was speaking of....

    Coal mines, eh? I can think of other descriptive words. But I REFUSE to go in July and you can't make me!j

  7. Music is a big peeve of mine too.

    I don't reply to each comment...only when someone asks a question. I don't feel it is necessary for all my regular readers/that I read.

    I can't take looooong posts either. I try to keep things as short an sweet as possible and that has been a challenge. :0

    I loathe the typing in of a code...that annoys me. :)

  8. I have had several comments left about things I do or don't do...and in the beginning I tried to please everyone. Then oneday I thought...who is this for? I love to visit you...and if I don't get to any others...I try to read you daily. Once I go back to work my posts will be done at night and my readings will be too. Sigh! I tried to do a playlist that was a broad spectrum of music...If I don't want to hear it...I turn the sound down on my speakers. Have a happy Tuesday my friend.

  9. I totally understand about the comment thing! Moderation and all!

  10. it's difficult to respond to each comment left on a blog. do the best you can.

  11. Comment moderation is a big one for a lot of people. I don't particularly care either way. I did originally have it on my blog, but removed it. I then changed it so that anonymous people cannot comment, which got rid of a lot of spam...but not my foreign friends...who spam me in some Asian language.

    The no reply is my biggest pet peeve. I try to link to my post about it every couple of months so that people get a clue.

  12. Can I (whoops, you're a teacher--shouldn't that be "may") join you in therapy? I've been known to rewrite a post over and over--tweaking it till I'm satisfied, even if it's days later. Talk about your OCD!

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog!

  13. Automatic music scares me when I forget my sound is cranked up. Oi. Sorry you are having to get up so early, so soon!

  14. I did have music on mine also, but our tastes in music varies so much I decided to take it off and am glad I did. I do not always comment on posts, but am always reading. this week I am still catching
    until next time... nel

  15. I have to be a bit picky/choosey about the blogs I follow because I.still.have.dial-up. *sigh* So a blog has to really catch my attention and kind of "sync" with me for me to follow it, and, Mary, yours was one of those! :-) I can't exactly say WHAT it is that causes a blog to "click" with me; I just know when it does. :-)
    AND I've been trying not to visit too many new blogs because I just don't have the time to read any more than what I am already following.
    Anywayyyyy....I hardly ever have my speakers on when I'm connected to the internet so the music doesn't really bother me, though I have noticed that it can cause the page to load more slowly.
    The only thing I don't care for in blogging is looooong, solid posts.
    If it is a rather long post, I prefer for it to be broken up into segments. It is just easier for me to digest. :-)
    Love your blog. Love your new summertime, vacationing at the shore background!

  16. I also loathe the playlist, especially when there is only one song and it plays over and over and over again.

    Comment moderation can be annoying. I sometimes wonder if my comment will ever show up, especially if I have commented on someone else's comment.

    I thought I had an e-mail link with my profile, but now I'm not sure I'll have to go check that now.


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