Friday's Fave Five

What an amazing week I've had!  Even with the damp bedding, the hot sun, and the rain earlier in the week.  Here are my Fave Fives for the week:

  Watching kids love music.  There's just something about being in a band.  If you weren't in the band in school, you may not get it.  Hours in the sun, learning to hit the yard line with your right foot, learning to glide instead of walk to a spot, knowing when to move and when to stop, the push ups and running laps when you moved or talked, and all the while doing it while playing an instrument or spinning a flag.

2.  Reconnecting with my college band director.  It turns out he is the Director of Bands at the college YS had band camp.  It was amazing that he remembered not only my face,  but my name as well.  That man has an amazing memory!  It was great fun talking with him and going down memory lane.  I was also amazed that he not only remembered the time I tossed my flag inside the hall outside of the music room and broke a light  (I really thought I had enough room!) , but  remembered what  he said to me and my reaction.  (He didn't yell...but he didn't have to to make me feel really bad; and yes, I had tears in my eyes when he told me to "take it outside"!)

3.  Watching kids sit around with their guitars.  They didn't need a tv, their iPods, or cell phones.  A group  of kids just sat on the steps and played until it was time for them to head in for the night.

4.  Having 3 chaperones at band camp.  Last year there were only 2 of us (both female), so it was really nice to have an extra person, and that extra person being a band daddy.  It made getting the water & gatorade coolers to the field so much easier.  Plus,  we had someone to keep an eye on the boys when they were in the dorm.  In all honesty, we had such a good time kidding around, talking, and picking on each other.

5.  Having an awesome band director to lead YS' high school band.  He came to us right out of undergrad school and has built the band from 18  members to 45 in just 6 years.  He's young and has a good time with the kids, but they know when it's time to work and get serious.  He's also learning to network and is surrounding himself with reliable music people to strengthen the band program.

6.  (Okay, this is a "Baker's FFF" this week!)  My girls greeting me at the door with their tails wagging, waiting to smother me with kisses.  Pepper (the Jack Russell mix), anyway.  Ally (schnauzer) is extremely stingy with her kisses, but when I picked her up she held her head against mine for a long time:  her way of showing affection; we call them "hugs".   Pepper has only stayed 2 steps behind me since I've been home.  I think she's afraid I'm going to leave again!

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  1. Band camp actually sounds like fun!

    I've seen that "teens and a guitar" phenomenon. Neat, huh?

    Homecomings are always nice, aren't they? Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh I do love teens and their guitars. My oldest plays-she played for Young Life every week at the highschool she voluneered with in SC...I know she misses that a lot.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Band camp sounds like so much fun. All my daughters were in band but never had the opportunity to go to band camp ...

    Everyone has been writing about how good it is to come home!

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time. Have a good weekend.

  5. Sounds like a great time was had by all...I'm sure your "girls" are happy to have you home! Enjoy the weekend...

  6. How cute about your dogs.

    Like I said before...ahh, the memories of band camp!!

  7. Wow...thanks for the look into what it is like to be in a band. I've never considered the hard work it would take.

    teens and guitars.....I love it. Actually, they don't outgrow it, either. When my boys are here, the guitar never gets passed from one to the other.

    The sound of my kids making music in the different corners of the house is one of the things I miss about there only being one left at home. At least he picks up an instrument often.

  8. Hi, I'm here from Reason for Chocolate. I saw your blog on the sidebar. what an awesome blog you have, and you participate in tons of blog hops. cool. I think I shall enter the Friday over 40 one, for starters!! Nice to meet you.

  9. Sounds like a great week. Camp can be so much fun!

  10. LOVED the ipod story!

    I LOVE hearing the drums...when you hear them keeping the beat in a parade..I just want to stand up and start a crazy dance to know, like Elaine on Seinfeld?

  11. Ahhhhh....such memories. I too love kids and guitars. As a guitar player...and my kids know it...they bring their guitars to my classroom in the share with me stuff they are working on. Great fun!

  12. Oh, I loved being in marching and concert band, though we didn't have band camp back in the day. All of our practices were held during the school day.
    I loooooved band!
    AND would you believe I don't have any guitar-playing teens in my circle life? Hmmmm....well, I do have a guitar sitting in my music room with my keyboards, along with it's amplifier, that my son bought with the hopes of learning to play it. So far, it is a GREAT dust collector AND accessory to my music room!! :-)
    Oh, and I just loooove those kinds of "welcome homes", Mary!! :-)

  13. Gald you had a good week! There is nothing like the unconditional love of a puppy!

  14. Memory lane...loved band camp back in the day. I remember sweltering in the July heat with sweat running down my nose, but we couldn't move NO MATTER WHAT! It was such good discipline and SO MUCH FUN! Wish I could have been there with you.

    Loved your comment on my blog about Avatar being Pocohantas in blue. You nailed that one! Loved it!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Sounds like you had much to celebrate this week!!

  16. I remember band camp all too well except when I was in school I dreaded it! I was a majorette and I just remember it being so hot and looking for excuses not to go! lol Now when I think about it, I miss those days!

  17. Hello Mary,
    I enjoyed reading your post! Now that my kids are older, they are allowed to get acquainted with technology. Over the past year the girls began taking violin and guitar lessons. I feel so pleased when I hear them practice!
    Have a beautiful, joyful week!

  18. Band camp takes a LOT of dedication, but the kids get a lot back, too :) I'm glad you were there to help (and to find so much to feel good about :)

  19. I am visiting from FF and Over 40! I love your beachy blog (I'm a Pisces I love the beach)
    Oh how I remember band kids loved it and I thought I would melt!


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