Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
 Mrs. 4444 describes Friday Fragments this way:
"Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard."

 ~  Wow!  It's already Friday!  Only 6 more weeks until Spring Break!

~  What's with this weather?  Where's the snow???  It's been almost 20 years since the big blizzard of '93...and the weather was very much like it's been this winter.  HMMMM...

 ~  One of my students said something hilarious yesterday, but, I didn't write it down so I can't tell you about it.  I've gotta start writing stuff down!

~  Here are a couple of FB statuses from some friends who live in the small county:
   *So I just saw a guy on a couch with his dog riding in the bed of a truck...WOW!!!
    * SOOO...........wanted to go to mall this afternoon. Car would not start. Call my son to come jump me off. He could not get his truck pulled up beside my car so in 20degree weather with no coat and only a short sleeve shirt on son for 15 maybe 20 minutes pushes the front of the car then the back. Over and over again. Only to find my car did not need to be jumped. I never put the car in park when i got home from work therefore it would not start while in drive. NOT a very happy son!!!!
~  My friend, Patty at Reasons for Chocolate, just gave birth to a 7'15" little girl!  If you get a chance, please hop over and tell her congratulations!


  1. That thing with the car sounds like something I'd do! Oops!

    Happy Friday! :)

  2. Yikes! You are right, there are only six more weeks to spring break. I am already behind in term. Oy vey!

    Visiting from FF -

  3. I've seen couches on front porches before, but a guy on one in the bed of a truck…WITH the dog! That's a new one!

  4. The car thing reminds me of Car Talk on NPR. Do you ever listen to them? Hilarious. A woman's husband left the car in neutral and the keys in the ignition but forgot the parking brake (obviously a manual car but still it's funny) and the car rolled out of the garage, down the hill, across some major road in Albany, through the divider, down the embankment and into the river.

    No one was hurt.

    Not on the same league as forgetting it was in park, but hey it could have been worse right?

    Happy Friday!

  5. Thank goodness my car won't let me take my key out of the ignition unless it's put in park. ha!

  6. Fun your son still speaking to you? haha

  7. I would've loved to have seen the couch in the back of the truck with a dog! That would've been hilarious!!

  8. I can totally laugh at the friend who never put her car in park...happened to me too. Only it was Hubs who had to figure it out. Oops! LOL

  9. Went over and said hello to Patty.
    Love the story on jumping the car!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. My mom was always leaving the car in gear! Always! There used to be a guy in our town that would tarp the bed of his truck and fill with water and drive around with people in his makeshift pool. Hick town!

  11. 7 foot, 15 inches sounds like a pretty tall baby. I think my vagina hurts thinking about it.

  12. as I read this, I thought the car issue was with YOU....your silly friend though. Oy. Lindsay tries to exit the car all the time...while it is running still!
    We've had such a mild winter too; I know, not the same as you having a mild winter. But, we almost put on the a/c this'rizzle!

  13. Patty's new baby beautiful!! I don't think I have ever been as enamored with babies as much as I am these days. I have no idea why, either. Oh well...I'll just enjoy it :)

    LOL, Mrs. Tuna!

    I could totally see myself doing that with my car.


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