Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hump day.  That means it's Hodgepodge time!  Linking up with From This Side of the Pond.
1. Lake Superior University has once again published a list of words/phrases they think should be banished from the Queen's English in 2012-

amazing, baby bump, shared sacrifice, occupy, blowback, man cave, the new normal, pet parent, win the future, trickeration, ginormous, and thank you in advance.

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Go here to read more about how the words are chosen.
I'm going to go with "blowback".  What does that even mean?  I don't know, but it sounds kind of nasty.
2. Are you easily embarrassed?
When I was younger, I was easily embarrassed.  It takes a lot more to embarrass me now, but sometimes my face gives it away.
3. What is your go-to snack?
If we're talking healthy, I'd say popcorn.  That's healthy, right?  If we're talking junk, I say chocolate. 
4. Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? If not do you have any desire to go? What site/attraction would you most want to see in that city? If you have been, what's your favorite site/attraction?
I've been fortunate to have visited DC several times.  There's such a feeling of power when you're there.  I like the Korean War Memorial (a must-see at dusk), but  I think my absolute favorite is Artlington Cemetery, especially the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Lee House.  There are spectacular views from there!
5. sit ups-planks-lunges-squats...which do you hate the least?
I'd say squats because of my knees.  There's no way I could do any with my knees!
6. What's a small act of kindness you were shown that you've never forgotten?
The only thing that comes to mind was when I was little, we were in Texas visiting family, and one of my cousins said something to me about my hairy legs.  I went to my mom and told her I wanted to start shaving, and my Aunt C asked if one of her girls said something to me.  I adored her girls, and didn't want to get them in trouble.  My Great Aunt F proceeded to talk about how she never shaved her legs (think German from waaaay back!) and her legs were really smooth.  To this day I can see all of us in the kitchen, having this conversation.
7. Have you ever been a blood donor?
I donated blood just before Christmas for our School Resource Officer who has leukemia.  We had a drive at the school, and I was very happy that I wasn't one of the rejects.  Apparently my school is full of them!
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I just heard that a fairly large percentage of Republicans said they wished there was another candidate.  I have to admit, I'm one of them.  I have no idea who to vote for, and it's starting to get ugly...already.    The one candidate I really liked made some ridiculous mistakes/statements, so it looks like he's going to be out of it before too much longer.  Honestly, I think the country is going to hell in a hand-basket. 


  1. #8. Mister keeps saying the same thing.

    My go to snack - healthy; yogurt
    Unhealthy - cookies

  2. What a kind great-aunt to help you see that not everyone shaved their legs. It's those kind words that people remember with happiness.

  3. Awww...I love how your great aunt empathized with you!!

    Had to chuckle at your reject comment in #7. Personally, I would have liked being a reject, although I think it's wonderful that your school had the blood drive for your SRO.

    #8...I totally agree!! In our last election for governor, I didn't even vote for the big office because I could not, in good conscience, put that "Republican" into office. He's turned into quite the tyrant. I'm completely turned off of politics. These people never do what they promise.

  4. I'm with you about the condition of our country. It sort of scares me with it, but then I remember who really is in control and charge of things and then I just continue to trust in Him.

    My go to unhealthy snack is like yours, who can resist chocolate at times like that?

    May Wednesday be a good one for you!


  5. We just had our election since I live in NH. There were 30 people on the Ballard ! Wow! I'm glad we are first, more to pick from.

  6. When I was about 12 my grandmom told me not to shave my legs, that I would regret having to do it every day. I think of her every-time I shave my legs! =)

  7. I'm so "with ya'" on the political situation. Ugh, the whole situation makes me ill...

  8. I agree with you about blowback. That word does kind of sound nasty.

  9. I think all of politics makes me ill. I'm not sure there is a person in politics today who gives a rip about anything but themselves. And some of those guys plans are downright scary!

  10. Frustrated with the whole process. I agree with #8.

  11. That word does sound nasty! I do hope to see those things in DC someday. At our house we agree with you on #8.

  12. I will say the election is still a long way off and a lot can happen in the meantime. I think if there were less media we'd be better off. I don't really get people who say they won't vote because they don't like the choices. Someone's getting in. We don't nominate really, we just choose.

  13. Sorry to say I lean toward your #8.

  14. #8....totally feeling you on #8. Oh man. It is scary...a real blowback, if you ask me. I have no idea what a blowback is, but I concur with your assessment.

  15. I don't think I could talk if they took away "amazing". Having said that...I realize that I say that way too much. Blowback? I'm with you. Sounds nasty!

  16. I agree--Each of the candidates leaves something to be desired!

    Loved the leg-shaving (or not shaving) conversation; that was really sweet.

    Just checking in....sorry it's been so long. Have a great week :)


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