Friday Fragments

~  Last week, I posted about my failed caramels turning into success by using it as a syrup over pound cake/ice cream.  Saturday, I ran across this quote:
                                                          "For every failure, there's an alternative
                                                           course of action. You just have to find it.
                                                           When you come to a roadblock,
a detour."
                                                            - Mary Kay Ash

~  I saw this clip on FB the other day:

~  We had snow in the forecast for today.  We just knew this was the one.  So, what are we getting out of it?  A 1-hour delay.  Which does me no good:  my first person on Fridays is at 9:00, so it's cutting into my planning/testing time. 

~  I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed about not getting a snow day:  we have Monday off.  I do love my job (especially during June/July)!

~ I'm reading "The Hunger Games", and I'm having a hard time putting it down.  I found the trilogy for free in the android marketplace.  They also had the Sookie Stackhouse series, and a Nicholas Sparks series:  all for free! 

Linking up with Mrs. 4444 today! 


  1. My daughter had to read it for school last year, so I picked it up. The hunger games is a surprisingly good book.

  2. That video is hilarious!!!! Dogs are so smart... amaze me!

    Free book?!?!? That's awesome! I LOVVEEEEEEEEEEEEe The Hunger Games... & the 2nd book... but the 3rd & final one? I thought it totally hit the fan! I think I need to re-read it...

  3. Yes, but does that dog know what to do with tin foil balls? :)
    Snow day? *looking down at my flip flops*
    I've heard of this book day, I am going to start reading again!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I just finished "The Hunger Games" trilogy. I enjoyed #1 & 2 the best.

  5. That video is so darn cute.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your Monday off.

  6. I just bought the first book in the trilogy. Haven't started it yet but my daughter has been raving about them so I caved. Wanna read the book before the movie comes out!

  7. I LOVE "Free"...lucky you to find a trilogy to read.

    My Friday Fragments

  8. I'm still waiting for snow. We had one dusting, but I want some real snow, and yes a school closing with it!

  9. Oh, how I would have loved a snow day? I actually got to leave early yesterday from work due to weather. I guess I should be happy with that. It's been a really weird winter thus far. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I think I have seen that video before, so cute! I woke up to snow this morning. I'm not really very excited about. Although this will be my 20 month old's 1st time seeing it, so that could be interesting.

  11. We both loved the HUNGER GAMES trilogy! Enjoy!! Smart dog, indeed--very cute.

  12. I am wanting to read the Hunger Games. I can't wait. I love Nicholas Sparks anything. Loved the dog videos...and we are out Monday....I was out Friday (teacher work day ) to attend a funeral.

  13. What is the Hunger Games about? Never heard of it but I am always looking for new books to try.

  14. What do you mean by the Android Marketplace? I'm intrigued!

    I could use a snow-day!

    Love that dog gif. So cute :)

    Thanks for linking up, Mary. Have a great week!


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