Post it Tuesday

Only Parent Chronicles

 I'm trying something different today, because I'm being lazy and don't have a whole coherent post in my head!


  1. You should give that class a try!

  2. A friend tried to teach me to crochet, but I just couldn't get my fingers and my brain to synch up! Maybe I'd have better luck with a "real" class???

  3. No one in my house knows how I keep anything's like magic!!!!
    Love the post it notes...I have them all over the house; hence the organization. :)

  4. I love that you are counting down the days for Spring break!
    So glad you joined in today even if Kristin isn't doing it. Hope you enjoyed it, it is one of my favorites. No they do not have a clue how a home runs!

  5. YOU need to get your butt right back to Michaels....ahhhh, Michaels!!...and sign up for a class!!!! Crocheting is really very easy and I'll bet you'd have a blast! GO, GO, GO!!!!

    Love ya!

  6. We have a spring break this year (it's every other year), and you just made me realize it's 46 days away! :)

    Thankfully, Mr.4444 appreciates all that I do around here. He doesn't do half of the work, but he does do most of the cooking and all of the home maintenance, so that's almost half, as far as I'm concerned :)


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