Hooray for Hollywood!

Has anybody else noticed that there have been some good movies playing? There are a few good ones coming out, too. Over Christmas, MS & I saw "Breaking Dawn, Part 1". I resisted seeing any of the Twilight movies until the first one was on tv on Halloween night. Now I'm hooked. I'm going to have to read the books since people are saying that as good as the movies are, the books are better.
We also saw "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows". Thought provoking, and every bit as good as the first one. Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law work together magnificently. This part is as perfect for Downey as much as Iron Man is.
Sunday, CH & I had a "day date" and went to see "Red Tails". I have to admit, it wasn't on the top of my list to see, with it being a "war movie" and all. Man, am I glad I didn't miss it. It was so worth going to see! On the drive home, CH said, "I can't believe you cried during a war movie!" I looked the movie up online to get some background (after I saw it), and read that George Lucas financially backed the movie himself because no one thought that a movie with an all black cast was marketable. I was completely floored by that: this isn't the 60's! Definitely worth going to see, even if your tv isn't always on "The Military Channel"!
I've heard that "Beauty and the Beast 3D" is really good. I just wish I had a niece that was young enough to want to go and see it! I may have to go in by myself, or would that be too creepy?
I've also heard that "We Bought a Zoo" is actually worth seeing, too, but I thought I would wait for that one until it comes out on DVD. "Contraband" sounds intriguing, too.
Coming out in March is "The Hunger Games". After reading the book, I can't wait for this movie to come out! It's gotta be good! I told y'all already that I couldn't put the book down.
"One for the Money" comes out at the end of this month. If you've never read Janet Evanovich, you're really missing out on something. I literally LOL when I read those books! Grandma is a HOOT! Lulu, too. I've gotta be honest: When I heard that Katherine Hiegl was playing the part of Stephanie Plum, it turned me off. That is NOT who I imagined playing that part. When I read the books, I saw somebody like Daniela Ruah, the girl who plays in NCIS: LA. For Ranger, I imagined somebody like Dewayne Johnson (The Rock)...he would've been PERFECT for that role. I'm not sure who I saw for Morelli, but it wasn't the guy that's playing the part. When I saw the trailer, it looked like mom and grandma are the same age. I definitely saw Betty White playing the part of Grandma. Maybe they tried to get her but she as too busy!
I got another surprise in the mail: a $50 gift card from the cable company! I was a little hesitant because I figured there was a catch somewhere. I checked it out online, there didn't appear to be any strings attached. There were a bunch of different coupons to choose from,so we decided to get one from Fandango so we could get some free movies. AND, the theater is now offering a bucket of popcorn for $3.50: you purchase the bucket full of popcorn, then save the bucket and bring it back for refills.
Have you seen any movies lately that definitely need to be seen? Or, are there any coming up that are must sees?


  1. We usually rent movies (we can turn up the volume and turn on the closed captioning for DH), and we're a ways behind on our movie watching. But I'll tell you that I cannot wait to see One for the Money. I love those books ... they are hilarious.

  2. I don't watch a lot of movies. I think the last one was "The Help" which I thought started out pretty slow but got a lot better as it went along.

  3. We saw "We Bought a Zoo" last night. A good family movie. War Horse was good for everyone too. The Captain and I are devoted movie goers.

  4. Haven't seen too many movies lately. I generally wait until they are on netflicks--my grandson has a subscription, and then we watch them together.

  5. We've seen lots of movies during the holiday season - we LOVE movies. Our favorite was "New Years' Eve" - who would have thought it would have such a glld plot?! Very uplifting and feel good movie.

  6. Hmmm....maybe I should go see Red Tails. Thanks for the tip. We just say Extremely Loud + Incredibly Close...I thought it was sad (expected) but excellent and clever.

  7. I really want to see One for the Money. I've really liked some of the movies Katherine Hiegl has been in, I hope she can do it justice.

    We want to see We Bought A Zoo too. It's a little old, but we really enjoyed A Dolphin's Tale.

    We don't get to movies a lot, too expensive!

  8. Looking forward to ONe For The Money! I've not seen anything AT the theater lately...I still want to see The Help!!! Argh.

  9. I just watched George Lucas interviewed on the OWN channel on Sunday about this movie. I could not believe it either that everyone said no to him. Yes "We Bought a Zoo" is a sweet movie and my husband even enjoyed it. We watched Moneyball this weekend and it was a wonderful story. Hope to see Descendents tomorrow.

  10. Oh, I am so behind in reading blogs. Please forgive me, dear friend. I had to comment on your post.

    First off, shame on the financiers of movies. As you said, this isn't the 60's! I can't wait to see the movie Red Tails. Some of my students saw it and sang its praises.

    Second, I want to go see Extremely Loud and Extremely Close. I don't think it got great reviews, but I don't listen to the "experts."


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