Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~ Yay for Fridays!

~  YS has made his decision for college.  I had a feeling that he would choose this one.  It's about 1.5 hours from our house, and it's where the high school band went for band camp.  He's familiar with campus, so I think it'll be a good fit.  The good thing for CH & I is that there's an excellent Italian restaurant not too far from campus.

~  Yesterday was YS' last band practice.  It's hard to believe that his high school days are numbered.
~  No camping this weekend...YS' last band competition is Saturday.

~  The Small Town's football game tonight is at the place where the "Sink Hole Bowl" took place in 2009.  There was a sink hole on the football field, and the game was called with a little over 6 minutes left.  Small Town was ahead by a bunch, but for some reason the game had to be completed.  So, the game was moved to Small Town and the 6 minutes was finished.

~  I'm so ready for this Election to be over.  Absolutely ridiculous.


  1. Congrats to YS on making that big decision! Even if there's a place that's comfortable and "right", it's still a big deal to make that final commitment!

    I couldn't agree more on that last one!

  2. ok . . . So are you gonna share YSs choice?

  3. School days go by so quickly and college is such a big deal! Glad your YS has gotten that decision out of his way and now can have a great last year in high school.

    I'm with you on the can't wait until the election is O.V.E.R.

  4. Band is over already? Wow it goes year round here. They usually take a spring trip somewhere.

  5. Is YS headed to the school south of you? I'm so with you on that last thought...I have one facebook friend who is about to send me over the edge. I don't comment on her posts (which are numerous!!!!-several times a day-ugh) because I'd like to remain friendly in real life. If the election doesn't hurry up and get here I'm not sure I'm gonna make it : )

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Have a nice time at his last band competition :( Glad he has picked a school and that's no very far away at all :)

  7. Sink holes can be deadly. A few years ago a maintenance man at the college FH and I attended was killed when he fell into one while investigating the seriousness of it and the gases in the bottom suffocated him.

  8. Yeah to good Italian restaurants and to having this election be over. then they start running for the next one! Please cinch this whole procedure up!!!

  9. YS' choice is a school that's almost due west of us, so he'll be in a different time zone.
    The band goes on a big trip every other year (the years that they don't go on a big trip, the director takes the seniors on a trip a little closer to home. Last year they went to Cincinnati): this year they're going on a cruise to the Bahamas, so he's not quite through being a drum major!

  10. Proximity of good restaurants is important in college selection. ha!

    And I agree wholeheartedly on the election. Ugh!

  11. So glad he made a choice for college and it sounds like you are happy about it too. The baby will be gone???
    Are you going to be sad, or have you guys started planning your parties yet?? :)
    Is he doing band in College too?
    Election. What election?

  12. Congrats to your boy for making his decision. What a load off the brain, eh?


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