Weekends Leftovers

This picture is actually from 2 weekends ago, when we went camping on the lake.  
Pepper & Ally stayed close to me when I was working the Friday of Fall Break:
You'll never believe what CH bought for me over the weekend:
Don't laugh...it's a lot better (and cheaper) than this:
AND, he also bought this for me:
So...if it's late at night and nature calls, the utility room will be attached to the side of the camper, and I can go in there and use the luggable loo.  My hope is that eventually we'll get a solar shower for when we're in the national park (where there is no shower).  I don't think CH thought he'd ever see the day when I would be excited about a bucket with a toilet lid on it!


  1. That is too funny! Hey...at least when "nature calls", you'll be prepared! ;)

  2. Oh that is so wrong! Maybe I'd feel differently in the dead dark of night in the middle of nowhere : )

  3. Too funny! I'd be a lot happier using the luggable loo inside the utility room! ;-)

  4. That's it! You are officially a camper :)

  5. pretty funny, as well as impressive.haha


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