Weekend Wrap-up 1

I have so many pictures from this weekend, I think I'm going to have to separate out the posts to keep everybody from being bored with 1 long post!
Let's start with Thursday evening.  On my way to flute choir practice, I saw this on a truck:
The irony in seeing that was that I was.  Runnin' late, that is.  You would think that since I was on Fall Break I would've been there early!  When I got there, though, our director was just getting there, too, so I wasn't the only one runnin' late!

Friday, CH & I debated on whether or not we should drive 1 hour to the Small Town's football game.  We knew it wasn't going to be a very good game, but we also realized that our chances of watching YS perform are very limited.  So, we went.
YS with his "game face" on.

 On the field performing:

Before they performed, we saw this gander of geese fly over, but they weren't in a "V".  CH said that their next formation would be a "T" (get it:  for UT).
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember a post I wrote on how Small Town High was recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Other schools are getting in on the recognition, and the school we played on Friday did, as well.  The football players wore pink socks, and the cheerleaders had this:
We all know how shameless us bloggers are with pictures!  I asked the cheerleader if I could take a picture of her pom-pom, and she said "sure" without even a funny look.  Wonder if her mom blogs???

Here's a "not-so-great" picture of a water tower that you can see from the field that looks like a UFO when it's lit at night.  Especially if you're driving on the interstate and see it!
I took a video so you could see a typical YS in the stands during the game.  I've had so many people stop me and tell me that they spend a lot of the game watching him instead of the game!  He really is having a blast this year!
(Please forgive the bad sound quality!)


  1. What a fun video!! Yes YS looks like he truly loves his role! :) I will have to show it to my son, he leads our student section and would get a kick out of that video. Friday Night football creates such an array of fun memories doesn't it! Enjoyed catching up on your blog....thanks for always praying for us!!!! :)

  2. Pom moms like myself are photo junkies. Our daughters are so used to photos nothing surprises them. We had pink poms like those too for October. And we would drive 2+ hours to go see her at the football games since it was her last year dancing. Luckily the team was pretty good.

    I don't miss those drives or sitting out in the cold. :)

  3. Love when kids get involved in supporting Cancer awareness!!!

  4. Looks like YS is having a blast!

  5. I'm so impressed, YS is amazing! You can see how much he loves it.
    Love that they wear the pink socks and the pom poms. Had to laugh at the comment CH made about the geese making a T next :)

  6. Um...so YS had me doing a getting a little jiggy in my chair! LOL It's catchy, that's for sure!

  7. Love the video. My daughter was drum major when she was a senior in high school and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed going to the band competitions!! The band kids are very talented individuals. Go UT!

  8. Runnin' late...the story of my life. :)
    Loved the video...he is all sorts of awesome!! I only go to the football games for the band too. Sadly, I can only see the backside of them from the concession stand. :)

  9. That video was AWESOME!!! Love his sense of fun!!!!


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