Christmas Wrap-Up

What a Christmas we had!  Honestly, I think I had the best break I've ever had in my whole life.  All of the boys were home.  OS got home a couple of days before, and someone was very happy to see him:
The white blur you see on his knee is Laika's tail.

We always have a big Christmas Eve Dinner around 8:00.  The only thing missing was OS & MS.  Dinner was ready, and they weren't home. CH & I thought they were downstairs, but it turns out they ran out to the store and were held up by an accident.  I didn't get upset; we went ahead and ate our dinner so it wouldn't be cold, then we sat around and talked while OS & MS ate their dinners.
After we ate, it was time for the Christmas Crackers.  This is a tradition that CH had (due to his Danish Mother) that we've carried on with our boys.  And, of course, everyone has to wear their crown:
Another tradition that we've passed on is the finding of the almond in the pudding.  The Danes use a rice pudding, but we've "Southernized" the tradition by using Pistachio Pudding and a pecan.
The prize is usually some sort of chocolate for the winner to share with the others.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that the boys always beg to open a present on Christmas Eve.  Well, this year was no different, except that we ended up opening all of the presents on Christmas Eve.  We thought OS was going to have to drive to get his girlfriend on Christmas Day, so we went ahead and opened the gifts.  The night was capped off by some roasting of marshmallows over my "little red campfire" that CH gave me:
The next morning, my parents came by for Christmas Brunch.
We always (well, except for last year!) have Holiday French Toast Casserole and Maple-Glazed Sausages.
We spent the rest of Christmas Day relaxing and getting ready for our big family vacation.  Come back tomorrow for the post!


  1. Having your "babies" home for Christmas is the bestest present!!! Sounds like you had a lovely vacation too!! Big hugs!

  2. I loved your Fl pics...they made me think I need a trip down the Keys in a convertible : )

    Glad you had a happy Christmas-we do the crackers here too.

  3. Sounds like a great Christmas so far! Looking forward hearing about the next part.

  4. Growing up we always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and so glad your boys were home.
    Love the traditions.

  5. Oh, Mary! What a wonderful two days!!! And so much better than last year maybe? ;) Love your traditions! And thanks for sharing them. I really enjoy reading about what other families do. Happy New Year!

  6. I'm so happy that you had such a nice break and that you had everyone home for the holidays. I know that must have been so nice for you. I love that you've incorporated the Danish traditions into your family and that you've southernized them. Fun! Happy New Year to you, Mary!

  7. I LOVE all your traditions. The wearing of the crowns is awesome as well as the finding of the nut. Or almond. Or whatever it was....I really think that is a fun thing. It's not like I wouldI make them search for a mysterious pickle on the tree...that would not be so much fun. LOL! Looking for stuff in food is normal around here.


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