Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~ No school again today due to an ice storm. I could get used to these 2 & 3 day work weeks!

~  There was a tad bit of concern that school wouldn't be called off, we'd get to school, and then be stuck there with the kids.  Good call, powers that be!

~  After flute choir practice, I called CH to see if we needed anything from the grocery store.  He suggested I get another gallon of milk.  What is it with Southerners that we think we have to get bread and milk if there is any chance of snow or winter weather?  The chances of not being able to get out in the late afternoon, or the day after a winter storm are very slim.  This is what greeted me at Kroger:
Luckily I had bread, so I didn't even go down that aisle.

~  Wednesday at one of my schools, the Kindergarten classes had a little visitor:

Sweet Pea is 6-8 weeks old.  She was so incredibly cute, and the kids loved her.

~  Speaking of flute choir practice, I was all ready for the "sensitive" member.  I came home from work, got in the shower, and used unscented soap & shampoo, and unscented deodorant.  I had a set of clothes that had been washed in unscented detergent all ready to go:  pants, shirt, socks; even my bra & panties.  I was ready.  She drives a couple of hours every week to come to practice, so with the threat of bad weather, she didn't come.  Guess we'll find out next week if it works or not!

~  A couple of pictures from this morning:

It wasn't as bad as it could've been, but I guess anytime a salt truck has a wreck and is totaled, it's not a good thing!  This truck is down the road from my mountain school (thanks to a friend of a friend for posting on facebook!):

 My favorite meteorologist said that we're on an "hour by hour"  kind of thing.  They're watching the temperature to see if/when we get above freezing.  Of course, all of this will freeze overnight, but at least tomorrow is Saturday!

~  This morning, CH asked me if I was going to do anything productive for my day off.  I told him I was expanding my mind by playing Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and Scramble.  If you play any of these (especially Scramble...I'm looking for people to play with instead of playing with just random people!), my username is mpkcoop.

~  Is something going on with blogger, or do I need to fix my header?  Usually, you can click on the header and you will be redirected to the "front page" of my blog.  When I click on my header, nothing is happening.  Thanks in advance for any help on this!

Hope everyone is staying warm, unless you're in a warm climate.  In that case...lucky you!  


  1. Have I told you about mPing? Its an app to have people make reports about precipitation. Its a research project for my work. They have it for Apple and Android.

    I'll go ahead and try scramble. Will send you a request.

  2. blogger is having all kinds of issues... its frustrating

    You make me want to play Hanging with friends again - I LOVED that game.

    That amazing Kroger is that empty. The fun of ice storms.

  3. When I clicked on the title of your blog, then it brought me to the "front page." I had to have my cursor directly over the words, though, not just anywhere on the pic.

    Wow! I've never seen an empty grocery fridge!

    I'm so sorry you went through all that for the scent-sensitive lady and she wasn't there. I'm now invested in this story. lol

  4. I got to your blog right away. Do you have Facebook. If you go to TLMacDonald Photography she puts a weekly challenge up on Sundays. During the week you post your picture on their fb. It is fun to see what everyone found. There are only about 10 of us. Join in !!!

  5. The header thingy worked for me.
    Ice Ice Baby. Yikes. I know my Mom is in Atlanta and they were forecasting ice too; makes me nervous. I hope the salt truck driver was ok???
    Pigs are cute. Oink oink.
    I'll send you a game of Words. I am touch and go though...usually play late at night while watching tv.
    Stay warm!

  6. Hope your weather warms up and melts all that ice. We had ice in our forecast, but thankfully we were spared. I like snow, but I am NOT a fan of ice. I have to admit that I'm a little gunshy when there's ice in the forecast after we had a terrible ice storm 6 years ago ... we were without power for 7 days (the temperature inside the house was 38 when power was restored).

  7. We were supposed to get freezing rain here, but I think it missed tears from me! However, it is very COLD! I think it's around 30 the last time I checked. Bring on summer!!! Here's hoping you thaw out soon!

  8. Those are some empty milk shelves! I clicked on the letters and it worked, not the picture. Hope you had a nice day off. I saw your video in my reader of those two boys dancing....too cute!

  9. Will you guys have to make up all this school come spring? Hope not! But better safe than sorry when it comes to traveling in the ice!

    I'll "hit" you up on Word for Friends :)

    have a good weekend!


  10. I've been playing Scrabble....but haven't played the others you have mentioned. I need to look those up. Thanks!


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