Weekend Wrap-up

I feel a little silly doing a wrap-up today.  We had a very low-key weekend.

Friday night CH & I watched "Bridesmaids".  I laughed through most of it; CH didn't think it was very funny.

Saturday morning, CH surprised me with a caramel macchiato (with soy...just the way I like it!) from Starbucks.  He took Laika for their weekly trek to PetSmart, and stopped by Starbucks on the way home.

There was an RV Show about 45 minutes away from us, so we decided to go and just look.  One of my sisters & her husband bought one of the smaller RVs the day before, so we were able to go in and look at theirs.  There are some really nice ones out there, but to me, it's not camping if you have one of those big ones.  I could see selling the house and just taking off in one of those, but definitely not weekend (or even week) camping.  Going to the show confirmed that we made the right decision with our little camper.

I get to sleep inside, off of the ground (with air conditioning and heat if needed!), but still spend a lot of time outside.
When we got home, CH blew out the camper with the leaf blower, we wiped down the counter, and I mopped out the floor.  It took about 30 minutes.  We still had everything from the camper in our garage, so we got the benches set back up and the cushions back on them.  I cleaned out our "kitchen totes" and reorganized them, so we'll be ready to go camping when we have another nice weekend.

Saturday football was a huge bust:  Peyton (who is like a god around these parts) and the Broncos lost a heartbreaker, and then the Packers (one of the players is from the Small Town) lost.  I don't really even care who plays in the Superbowl now.

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and finishing up laundry.  We went to Mexican (our usual Sunday night dinner) and then went home & waited for Downton Abbey.  I managed to catch some  Real Housewives of Atlanta before DA came on.

With temps reaching 70 over the weekend, it looks like there are no chances of snow this week.  So, one full work week, then a Monday off!  One of the teachers mentioned that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting that we'll get snow in Feb.  Gosh, I hope they're right...we have no days off in Feb.  How in the world do you people with "real jobs" do it?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I always get a thrill when it is time to do the spring cleaning of our camper. It means fun camping weekends are right around the corner. We have to wait a bit longer for it up here in Maryland though. Have a great week!

  2. Sometimes low key weekends are the best kind!
    I have a pop up in my yard where its been for 4 years. I just don't use it down here like I did up north. My dad is going to inspect it for me this weekend and if the canvas is still good, my uncle will buy new tires and I'm donating it to his family!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Very heart breaking loss for our Packers. How unbelievable awesome that you know Randall Cobb. What an amazing player. Humble too.

    We will wait for next year.

    Have a great day !!!

  4. Believe me - I dont know how I do it. I've been at my 'real job' for 20 years & the past few years, I dont even use ALL my time I get. It bites! :)

    YIPEE for a Starbucks surprise!

  5. Hi Mary! Low key weekends are just the BEST, in my opinion! Do you know that I've never watched one episode of Downton Abbey? Crazy, huh? Now, I do love me some Real Housewives...I'm waiting for the Orange County and Jersey girls to come back!

  6. Your weekend sounds just perfect. I DO love your quaint little camper....I think that is the way to do it!

  7. LOL about having no days off in February; how did you avoid not having President's Day? They turn it into a four day weekend here! Try my job, I work holidays if they are on my regular schedule so I never get any off unless I ask for them and take them PTO.


  8. I love going to RV shows. Haven't been in awhile but always very interesting. The first time I saw Bridesmaids I wasn't impressed at all. The more I've seen it on cable the more I like it but there are parts I can do without!


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