Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  It's Friday!  Can I get a "woot-woot"?

~  I completely forgot to mention what happened to me when I went to Crane Point when we were in the Keys.  Apparently not many people take the time to visit, because the place was just about empty when I was there.   I started walking along the trails (all alone, nobody was around me), and I heard something.  My first thought was that it was an iguana, so I bent down and took a look.  Nope, no iguana, but it was a raccoon.  I thought, "cool, a raccoon".  That thought was followed by, "Oh, no...a the middle of the day!"  I started walking away from it pretty quickly, until I came up on a couple.  I told them what happened, and stuck by them for a few minutes.  Then, I ran into another couple who were behind me.  The woman said they didn't see the raccoon, so I figured it had gone on its way.  She mentioned that the raccoon was on "Key Time", so it was probably okay.  As I walked through most of the trails, I was alone.  Which was fine until I imagined alligators in the mangroves.  Kind of spooky.

~  We had an incident at one of my schools yesterday.  Nothing major; just a stranger near the playground.  Our SRO wasn't at school, but another policeman was "Johnny on the spot" within minutes.  It was a harmless incident, but it's nice to know that it was taken care of quickly.  

~  Flute choir practice started back up last night.  Last semester we practiced every other week for 3 hours; this time we're practicing every week for 2 hours.  We are minus the high schooler this semester.  We really had a pretty good practice.  One of the ladies is highly allergic to perfumes, so I have to remember not to put on any lotion on Thursdays.  Apparently I'm going to have to get some fragrance-free detergent for my clothes.  I couldn't smell anything on my shirt, but she could. And, I had been wearing the shirt all day.  I feel bad, but I don't know what else to do.

~  I hadn't heard "Baby Got Back" in a loooong time, but we heard it at least a couple of times on New Year's Eve, and once on the trip back.  Then, I heard it again yesterday morning on the way to work.  When it comes on, I just have to start shaking my booty like Cameron Diaz in "Charlie's Angels":  (start around 25" and it lasts until 48")

~  I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.  Hope everyone has a good one!


  1. I would have been like you, walking there and imaging every sound was something that would "harm" me in some way. Glad the incident at school resolved itself. I always wanted to play the flute; good you're involved in something like this. I knew someone that was very sensitive to perfumes too; she'd walk into a room and literally walk out of it within seconds if something set her off with her allergies.

    I hope it is a good weekend for you!


  2. I always love Fridays for lots of reasons, not LEAST OF WHICH are the frags!

  3. I wish I had arms like Cameron Diaz : )

    I am not a fan of racoons...we had a rabid one in our backyard in Maryland once and it was super creepy. We didn't live in the just drunkenly walked across the yard and scared the daylights out of my daughter who was outside playing.

  4. HAHA... cameron diaz is adorable in the Charlies Angels movies... I want to watch the real thing now :)

    Glad to know that situation was taken care of quick ... I bet now, secruity is aware of EVERYTHING!!!

    I'll give you a big WOOT WOOT... with an arm pump!

  5. ...that 'school incident' would scare the heck outta me what with all that's happening these days.

  6. OK, maybe I'm cynical, but really -- she could smell the detergent on your shirt? Was she sneezing?

  7. Cameron Diaz knows nothing about having a big butt. LOL We had a SRO the week after the shooting and I loved having him there. Talks are in process about having them full time in our elementary schools. Some people are saying things like, "More guns are not the answer." But I'm thinking that having the good guys in school with the guns is way better than the bad guys with guns getting in. The raccoon would have freaked me out a bit too. And the thoughts of imagination easily runs away from me.

  8. When I think of that song, I see Cameron dancing too. She is amazing!

    I am so glad someone was on hand to help with the creepy guy!! Can't be over cautious these days.

  9. Ew to the raccoon but the creepy guy was just too much.

  10. I'm really impressed with your flute lessons. I think I need a hobby besides blogging.


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