Weekend Wrap-up

Another long weekend is coming to an end.  I have a feeling this is going to be a really long week:  no snow is predicted.
Friday morning our outside table looked like this:
Later that afternoon it looked like this:
It was pretty icy, to say the least.  It was an extremely good decision on the part of the central office staff to call school off.

Saturday, YS had his first drumline/winterguard competition of the season.  The bad thing was that there were several winterguards who weren't able to attend because of the weather.  Instead of pushing everybody up, there were a lot of breaks.  The drumline's show is titled "Alcatraz".  CH & YS after the performance:
When CH saw some of the members just prior to the performance, he made the comment that the "jail school" was there.  I let him know it was us.  He was a little surprised!
After the performance, we rode down the street to a Firehouse Subs for a quick lunch.  This one had a very nice mural on the wall:
About 5 hours after the drumline performed, the winterguard had their performance:
CH & I left after the winterguard performance.  We had a quiet evening of laundry and watching tv.  Shortly after YS came in, some of his friends came to the house for a D&D session.

Sunday was a lazy day:  Finishing up laundry, light cleaning around the house, some flute-practicing, and a quick trip to Camping World for an adapter.  We saw a couple of things we'd like to have someday, but they aren't necessities right now.

Well, back to the old grind, starting off with a 7:15 meeting.  Yep, it's going to be an awfully long week!

CH shared this clip with me:

Gotta have something to help me start off the week with a smile!


  1. Love the Alcatraz outfits! Have a great week!

  2. Have a great week!! My family was lazy, but I was the productive one for a change, lol!

    Loved the video!

  3. Our weather has been erratic, too! Hope you have a terrific week!

  4. LOL Cute video. I need to remember to show the kids that one! Have a good week. Mondays stink, don't they?

  5. We had a little ice yesterday morning - nothing like what you got. Thankfully it warmed up by noon so the ice was melted and all we had for the rest of the day was rain. ;-)

  6. busy weekend !!! happy Monday!!

    We got freezing rain and snow last night. My husband was traveling to a conference and my son back to school. Thankful when they both contacted me and were safe.

  7. OH MY GOSH... that video is hilarious!!! I've never seen it before :) Didnt know what to expect... not that :)

  8. Video is a riot. Loved the Alcatraz idea. Too cool.

  9. <3 the video! It's icing here right now....but not enough that I will get to stay home tomorrow. We got about 4 inches of snow before that started and it seems to bother no one...but me. :)

  10. I think I would enjoy the winterguard program; sounds interesting!! I hope the week does fly by somehow!!!


  11. Can't believe the icicles on the table! I saw that video a few weeks ago and thought it was so darn cute.

  12. That is the smartest bear....I think. :)
    We have our winter guard performances next week. I'm excited to see a certain someone perform her solo that she won't share with me.


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