Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The popular saying, 'All is fair in love and war' is originally credited to English writer John Lyly.  Is he right? 
I don't think "ALL" is fair.  I do believe in being moral and ethical.   There are lines that shouldn't be crossed in both love AND war.

2. Are you a cereal eater?  What's your favorite kind?
Not really.  It just doesn't stick with me.  I do like Honey Bunches of Oats.  And, if oatmeal counts as a cereal, then, yes!

3. A five year old in Pennsylvania was recently given a ten day school suspension for talking with a friend about shooting one another with a Hello Kitty Bubble gun (the gun blows bubbles).  She did not have the gun with her at school.

A psychological evaluation was also ordered and the incident was recorded on her permanent record.  The suspension was later reduced to two days and her parents are suing to have the incident removed from her file. Your thoughts?  (If you missed the story click here for details). 
This is absolutely ridiculous.  Maybe the incident should be kept on file for future reference, but a psych eval?  Really?  She's 5 years old, for Pete's sake!

4. Whatever happened to_____________________________?
Common sense.  See #3.

5.  January 23rd is National Handwriting Day, billed as a day to reacquaint yourself with a pen and pencil.  Do you like your handwriting? Do you prefer to print or write in cursive?  This date was chosen because its the birth date of John Hancock. What's the last thing you signed your name to?
 My handwriting is okay, especially if I take my time.  I'm left-handed, so it's slanted backwards, but it's okay.
The last thing I signed my name to?  An IEP, of course!

6. Speaking of John Hancock...ever been to Philadelphia? Do you have any desire to visit the city of Brotherly Love?  
Never been, and really haven't thought about going.  

7.  Share something funny you've heard a child say.  
Oh, my!  I hear things every day, but right now I'm at a loss!  The only thing that comes to mind is something that I shared a few weeks ago:  One of my students had been in the hospital with pneumonia, and when he came back he said to his classmates, "Doesn't anybody want to hug me and tell me they missed me?"  This student is in Kindergarten and is an absolutely doll.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Speaking of 5 year olds:  Yesterday I was walking down the hall, and one of the Kindergarten classes was in line to go to the gym.  As they were walking, I looked at the teacher and mouthed, "turn around". There were 2 little girls who were just skipping down the hall.  They looked so happy!  The teacher said, "We're 5, and happy to be alive!"  I just love being around those little ones.  So innocent and full of life!


  1. Your answers to #'s 7 and 8 made me smile and reminded me of why I loved working with children so much. Ah, yes...those beloved IEP's. I remember them all too well and must have signed tons of them myself!

  2. IEP's-in my district all are written by May 1st! Whew-it is getting close to that time of year.
    Little ones are so adorable and can make your day!

  3. IEP's are a pain for one and all. Too bad the bureaucratic types get in the way of actually doing good things for the kids.

  4. Kindergarten is my absolute favorite. Skipping is one of those things we only do when we're young. Enjoy your day!

  5. I want to start saying that "Does anyone want to hug me" :)

  6. Awww.....#7--she SOUNDS like a little doll! ♥
    And #8 too--those little ones know how to bring joy to the world. Children do make the world a sweeter place!
    Have a great day!

  7. I wish if I skipped down the hallway someone would look at me and think that instead of thinking I have a screw loose.

  8. I liked your answer to #7!
    I can just imagine the young girls skipping in the hall.

  9. I enjoyed reading your answers, especially the last two. Gotta' love little children :)

  10. 4 and 5 year olds are my favourite people. I love the kiddie stories today.

  11. Great answer "common sense", where has it gone! Skipping down the hall, how precious is that. Those were the days....

  12. I LOVE #4! LOL
    Skipping is so can you not smile while skipping? We should all do it more. Sadly, I do more tripping than skipping these days.
    Happy W!

  13. Skipping = Cuteness, I wish my old bones could still skip, I think I might break a hip if I tried to skip down the hall.....


  14. It must be so fun to work around all those little ones like that! I'm sure they do so many delightful things like this on a daily basis!

    I'm with you about cereal; it doesn't seem to stick with me too long either; always seem to be hungrier if I have cereal for breakfast versus something with more protein in it.



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