Friday Fragments

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Mommy's Idea

~  I've more fun this week than anybody should be allowed to have!

~  One of my sisters came in on Wednesday for trivia, only we didn't go to the Brewery like I usually do; we went to a Mexican Grill instead.  The Brewery has gotten extremely crowded since Wed. is also $5 burger night.  Trivia starts at 7:00; a few weeks ago CH & I went around 6:00 just to eat, and couldn't find anyplace to sit.  Both the bar areas (where they have trivia) and the restaurant side were packed.

~  Our trivia team consisted of my sister that came in, another sister who lives here, and a sister-in-law.  We did pretty well until the final question, which was name 6 of the 10 youngest people to win a grammy.  I still think the answers were wrong.  Okay, maybe not.  I just googled it and found out that maybe, just maybe I'm wrong...every now and then!

~  Yesterday after school, I met some friends at a local grill.  There were only 5 of us, but we talked, laughed, and had an all-around great time.  I don't know how long the others were there; I had to leave for flute choir practice.

~  Tonight is Prom Night in the Small Town.  YS went from having a date (back in Jan. or Feb.), to going with a band friend, to going with the 1st girl, to going stag, to going with another band friend.  This last turn of events happened on Wed.  night.  After the florists closed.  Thankfully, the florist I always use knows my mom, so he's going to whip up a corsage for her.

~  Small Town High School only has a Senior Prom.  This year, they're having it at a college in our twin city.  Actually, they're having it at the Arts Center that is on the campus.  The kids all meet at the park for pictures, then they'll go out to eat before going to the prom.  There are 12 band kids in the group; only 2 of them are a "couple".  I think they're going to have a fantastic time!

~  CH & I are going to start a new blog.  We'll be writing about camping and campgrounds we visit.  My vision is that I'll write a blurb from the female, camping newby point of view, CH will write a blurb from the male, camping pro perspective, and we may even get Laika in on it to give a dog's perspective of the campground.  We just have to come up with a name.  Since our last name is "Cooper", I was thinking something along the lines of:  "Flying the Coop" or "Cooped Up...NOT" .  Suggestions?


  1. I like it when kids go in a group to prom. Takes all the pressure off of finding a date or making those without dates feel less about them self.

  2. sounds like a very fun eating kind of week.

    We ise to do so much camping but then my husbands job did not allow us to go as much so we gave it up.

  3. I love Flying the Coop. Sounds perfect to me.

    Hope your son has a fabulous time. My kids had a lot of fun when they went with groups of friends. Long night for mom and dad though! I remember getting up at 4:00 in the morning to make them breakfast, after they got home from after-prom (I hate after prom). Anyway, I was 5 months pregnant and I wanted to sleeeeeeep! They really enjoyed it though, so there was that.

  4. Sounds like you have been busy. What a great Trivia question. I remember the fun of Prom night. Praying that everyone has a fun and safe evening.
    The blog sounds awesome, best of luck. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. We play trivia at the Irish Bred Pub in West Point. I wish it were a wee bit closer.

  6. You do sound like you are having a bit too much fun! Love how flexible YS is with Prom date. Good for him. Hope they have fun too.

  7. So glad I am not a teenager any longer. The rotation of the dates is something I don't miss. Those are crazy times.

    Once you come up with the right name for your new blog, you will KNOW it. Hang in there.


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