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We're just over the halfway mark with the A to Z Challenge!  As I read comments, I realized that there were some "other things" about the small town topics that I forgot to put in, or there were pictures that I didn't have time to take or to look for.  So, here you go:
B for Band
I found this picture of me playing the piccolo in "Stars & Stripes Forever" during our sucky Bahama trip

C for Championships!
 (This is a picture of some of the boys going through the line at the elementary school during the  send-off.)

 D for Duck Pond
This is a different view of the duck pond, with the middle school on the hill.  The high school is just to the right of the middle school.  I took the picture at the entrance of the elementary school.
 And, of course, one of the Duck Crossing Signs!

 F for Forever House
I think this is a better portrayal of the Forever House.  You can get a true sense of how spooky it really is!  I fogot to mention in my post that the Jaycee's had their Haunted House there for a few years.

 J for A Couple of J Things
I wrote my "K" post on the Kiwanis, but I failed to include the Jaycees in the "J" post!  The Jaycees are also a very visible group in the small town.  They host the Christmas Parade and the annual Haunted House.  They do an awful lot of good in the Small Town!
I went by the "Elizabeth Jackson Hill" Memorial Garden yesterday and took a couple of pictures:

 I was hoping to catch Ms. Hill's daughter out working in the garden so I could talk to her, but she wasn't there.  :(
I had time to go through and find a couple of pictures that I didn't have time to look for when I wrote the post.
OS' invitation to his high school girlfriend to the prom:
If you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see that he put a typical Small Town message in there!  (Kaila went to MHS)
The bridge before the last State Championship:
So, there you have it!  I'm sure I've forgotten something else; if I have, maybe I can slip it into another post!


  1. That is quite the prom invitation! Who could say 'no' to that? Very impressive!

  2. I want to go see the Forever House and am trying to work it into my schedule for Memorial Day.

    I also played the piccolo and flute in band.


  3. Love the photos. I have enjoyed your A-Z. You have given me all kinds of places to check out.

  4. Our town's rival school has a big rock that our school keeps spray painting over. Got to love friendly rivalries!

  5. Nice job on the O post. Love the bridge pictures.

  6. Sounds like there is a story about that Band trip. We have Duck crossing everywhere too, and we are constantly stopping for the little guys :) Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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