King & Queen's Chair

In the park, there is a cluster of rocks in the side of the hill.
To an adult's eye, it seems like just a bunch of rocks that weren't cleared.  But, to a child with just a little bit of imagination, it's so much more.  It's a castle that holds the King & Queen's Chair.

It's a magical place.  It was a place where you could be a king, queen, or princess. It was a fortress to be protected by medieval knights from unwanted attackers.  It held a dungeon that you could be banished to (although I never went down there...I was too afraid of snakes!).
Although it's overgrown now, there are some signs that young people continue to use it.

There's a worn path and broken glass indicating that some young people may have been partaking in things they shouldn't be.
I guess in that no matter how some things change, there are always some things that stay the same.


  1. Very magical!!! I just found out last night that there are castle ruins only 5 mins from my house! We'll head up there this weekend for some fantastic photos!!!! A friend who lives down the street went last night and I was amazed by hers.

  2. Love this post. I remember having those imaginary forts, castles, etc as a child. We used to make banyan trees jails

  3. I knew exactly where you were going. We use to make things into Castles and such when were small and yep, glass indicates the older kids have stopped by too LOL
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  4. Sweet! What a cool looking place to play away a day of imagination.

  5. At the Arboretum in Arcadia, CA where we spent a lot of time, the bamboo grove (that was used for filming the Tarzan movies in the 30's) was our favorite place to hang out. It was a jungle, it was a forest and any number of things that had captured our attention. I will still wander through it today and ignore that it was more than a few years when we played there.

  6. I don't think I knew about this spot. I had a friend who had a giant weeping willow in her backyard...we made that into a house/fort/hideout on a regular basis. It was a sad sad day when they had to get rid of it.

  7. I love the formation of those chairs in the rock!

  8. That is cool! Yes, some things stay the same and aren't we glad...
    visiting from

    have fun the rest of A-Z. We are almost done!


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