Copenhagen: Again

Don't forget to click on the pictures to be able to see them better!
I really need to wrap up my trip!  I've decided that I'll hit on the things that we saw last time we were there, and were must sees to see again.  I talked about Carlsberg Brewery, Frederiksberg Park, and Tivoli in my last post.
One of my favorite things, because you have to kind of look for it to know it's there:
The Merman and the 7 Sons
Last time, we ran across it by accident, but this time we knew where to look for it.  One thing that had changed was that there was now a dock right next to it for the Canal Cruises to start and end.
That was where we took our Cruise, which is a must to see Copenhagen from the water.
 Royal Family's Dock
 Royal Family's Yacht
 Bungee set up...if you are willing to do it naked, you don't have to pay.
 This is kind of out of focus, but this is an island where Ghost Hunters International visited.  Yep, they found something.
 View from the canal
 National Playhouse
 National Playhouse on the left; Opera House on the right
 Opera House
 Building where torpedoes were made; it's now an apartment building
 Maersk building
 View from the canal
Church of Our Savior.  I said I was going to climb to the top this trip, but after all of the climbing we did the previous 2 weeks, I just couldn't even think about it!
We popped in the Church of Our Lady as we were walking by  .  It was as breathtaking this time as it was last time.  It was ruined a bit by some youngsters who thought it was cool to do some silly poses next to the angel.
The Zoo.  It's amazing how many babies they have.
Including the baby elephant!
This time, we saw the zoo in the rain.
Rosenborg Castle

Town Hall (more on that in a later post because this time we took a tour through the inside)
Lur Blower Column (the legend is that if a virgin walks by, the lures will blow)
Lego shop on The Strøget (Pedestrian Street)
 This time he had a couple of friends:

St. Alban's (also known as The Black Church)

Another favorite:  Gefion.  The legend is that Gefion's father (a Swedish King) promised as much land as she could plow in one night.  So, she turned her 4 sons into oxen and plowed what is now Zealand.
Here you can see the Black Church with Gefion in front of it.  Nearby is The Little Mermaid Statue.
Kastelet is right next to St. Alban's and Gefion.  It was a Citadel, it's now a public park, but is in use by the military.

The memorial to those who lost their lives serving Denmark is new since last time I was there.

Amalienborg, the Royal Family's Residence

 View from the gardens

View of the Marble Church from Amelienborg (we didn't go in the church this time, but take my word:  it is gorgeous!)

Okay, I just have to show you a picture of the inside.  This is from 4 years ago:

Inside the Round Tower:
 A view from the top
I'm pretty sure we walked by this last time, but this time B pointed it out to us:  The smallest street in Copenhagen.  You can see it from start to finish:
More Tivoli, because we went there 2 times, and just because it's beautiful!

I may have to break the new things we saw into 2 different posts.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. Great pictures and so different from Germany. I love the look of the apartment building, and how awesome that you got up so close to the royal housing (including yacht!)

  2. Well the pictures are absolutely amazing. I love that sculpture under water. Your view from the canal is perfect with the reflection of the buildings. I always love a zoo, that looks like it was fun. Interesting Memorial. I am very impressed and would love to visit someday.

  3. Copenhagen is just amazing! The boat/cruise tour seems the way to go.


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