Laboring over the Hodgepodge

1. Labor Day weekend (in the US of A) is approaching...what's something you've labored over this year? 
Trying to keep the house going and somewhat organized.  Didn't really work, but I tried.  (half-heartedly, but I tried!)

2. What is one word to describe your 'job' or career?
Dream.  My current position is a "dream job", even with all of the budget cuts.

3. What was your worst or least favorite job ever? Why?
The end of my time working for a rehab company.  I ended up with a position I didn't want, and it was awful.

4. How do you measure contentment?
I think it's more of a "feeling"; I don't know that it can be measured.  

5. Pickles-like or dislike? What is something you eat that requires a pickle? Dill, bread and butter, sweet gherkins...what's your favorite kind of pickle?
I like dill pickles, and pretty much on their own.  Unless it's potato salad or tuna salad.  It's a definite "no" to pickles on sandwiches or burgers.

6. In your current house-town-state, what is it you like living close to?
The mountains.  I absolutely love the view as I drive to work every day.  I think this deserves a second posting:

7. What is one thing on your 'want-to-do' list before summer draws to an official close?
Summer was over for me 5 weeks ago.  I have nothing on my list.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Monday, one of my schools was evacuated due to a fire caused by the air unit.  Luckily, no one was hurt and the day was able to resume.  I wouldn't have been there anyway, since it wasn't my day to be there, but I always miss all of the excitement at that school!  Yesterday, we got an email in our school email advertising an HVAC job opening.  Coincidence???


  1. You are very fortunate to be living where you do...I love the Smokies! I hope to move back to that area someday. So happy that you're pleased with your current position...I don't know many people who can say the same. Hope you have a terrific Wednesday, Mary!

  2. Oh dear, a school fire? That's not good...glad no one was hurt! You do live amidst so much beauty. I think the Smokies are one of the prettiest places in the world.

  3. Summer was over for me on August 8th. Glad no one was hurt in the fire. LOL to job opening HVAC!

  4. That mountain view is gorgeous! While I love, love, love the beach, I do enjoy the beautiful majesty of mountains.

  5. Seeing mountains in the distance is so much better than flat land...
    Praise that no one was injured in the fire...
    Mama Bear

  6. I am with you on our summer being over many weeks ago. So sad. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

  7. A dream job... one lucky lady! :)

  8. A dream job... one lucky lady! :)

  9. Glad uou love your job - that's a win/win for everyone!

  10. So happy you have your dream job! I feel that way about the mountains. To my children it's just where they live but after living in Illinois for 38 years there isn't a day that goes by where I don't admire the mountains!


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