Copenhagen: Government Buildings

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In addition to seeing some things that we saw on our last trip, there were more things to see that we missed last time.  Like:
Christiansborg Palace.  This building houses the Prime Ministers Office, and is where the Queen holds state affairs, such as banquets, state dinners, and audiences.
The King's Staircase:
 Even YS thought it was pretty impressive.

 Tapestries depicting Danish Fairy Tales

 The balcony where the Royal Family greet their public:
 Painting depicting the Danish Flag falling from the sky in 1219.
 The Throne Room

 The Great Hall.  The tapestries on the wall depict Danish history.  This room is used for banquets and state dinners.

 The old dining room; no longer used for state dinners.

 The Queen's Stairway leads to the Prime Minister's Office.
 The Queen's Library:

We also wandered through the Royal Stables, but the horses were out enjoying the weather.

We were there on "Flag Day":
 I liked how even the buses had flags on them.
We took a tour inside the Town Center.

The names of each Mayor of Copenhagen is engraved above the windows in the Great Room, beginning with Bishop Absalon who is the founder of Copenhagen.

 The area where friends and family wait during a wedding:
 The Wedding Room
 Front staircase.  These are the stairs the Queen takes. 

 This dog protects the lawmakers from harm.

 A ceiling!

 Wall at the top of a staircase.

 The glass ceiling over the Great Hall.
 The Great Hall


 Another ceiling
 The Queen's Chair

 Painting on the wall at the top of a staircase

 If you look at the corner of the building, you can see a dog peeing.  Supposedly that was the artist's way of getting back at the people who made him repaint the piece because he didn't have bricks on the building.
 The room where the City Council conducts business:

I was amazed at how beautiful the Town Hall was.  It was as grand as some of the palaces/castles we had already seen.

This post is already a lot longer than I had expected, so I'll stop here.  Come back on Monday for (maybe) the last post!


  1. That really is quite a town hall.

  2. Can you even imagine how a wedding would look in that palace? Be still my heart!

  3. Okay, I admit it. When I saw a post that had the words "government buildings" in the title, I thought maybe you'd gone a little to far... But then I saw the pictures and they are amazing! Definitely deserving of their own post (or two!)

  4. Absolutely beautiful and amazing. I especially love the library! Will have to tag this one too for a future trip.


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