Weekend Wrap-up

Was there a weekend?  Yes, it seems that there was.

~  I stayed at school until 4:00 on Friday (we get to leave at 3:00) so that I could clean off my desk.  I really didn't want to go in on Monday knowing I was facing my desk covered with folders and papers that needed their own place.  I feel so much better knowing I'm going to be able to see the top of my desk when I walk in the door!

~  I felt like crap on Friday with a sore throat.  What is it about a sore throat that makes you feel so incredibly yucky?  It was weird, though:  it wasn't really my throat that was hurting, it was my faucial pillars.  (Don't know what that is?  It's that place on either side of your uvula!)

~  I wanted to fix something for dinner on Friday so I could have enough in my new dishwasher to run it.  I can't believe how quiet it is!  And the dishes are actually clean!  CH said a coworker told him that he had the same brand, and they had nothing but problems out of it.  Fingers crossed they just had a bad machine and we won't have the trouble they did.

~  Saturday I needed to go to the grocery store.  But, before I go to the store, I have to figure out what we're having for dinner for 2 weeks, then make a list.  I had an awful time getting focused to do anything.  If you're friends with me on Facebook, I think my statuses can attest to that.  I checked all of my emails, spent a lot of time on Pinterest, checked my Instagram and Twitter, and then checked my Facebook again.  I finally got around to it, but then CH wanted to go to Camping World.

~  Before I made it to the grocery store, I went by Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for school. And then I went by Target to look for some more stuff.  (That's what happens when you get on Pinterest and speech blogs!)  I finally made it to the grocery store.

~  I was in bed by 8:30 Saturday night; I still felt pretty bad.  We thought YS had mono last week:  he went to the clinic and was given a Z-Pack.  The quick test said he didn't have it, but then he got his bloodwork and it also said "no".  He was still feeling pretty badly, so I told him (on Friday) to make an appointment with his doctor.  He ended up going back to the clinic on Sunday since he had enlarged tonsils and some nice white spots on them.  Turns out he has strep.  I guess it's a good thing he has it now since he starts class next week.

~  I spent Sunday finishing up with some school projects, and then I had this great idea to start a speech blog.  I've been visiting these great blogs, and to be perfectly honest, I'm thinking, "Why are they causing so much work for themselves?"  I figure I have 29 years of experience, so I can just throw my 2 cents out there and they can take it for what it's worth.  You can check the blog out here.

~  "Whodunnit" had their season finale last night.  I was a surprised at who the "killer" was...I thought for sure it was going to be Lindsay, but she got an arrow to the throat at the last minute.  But then, they showed a preview for the "Revenge" season opener.  Oh.My.  That HAS to be a dream scene.  Can't wait to see what happens!

~  Today starts our 3rd week of school already.   Christmas Break (and The Keys!) will be here before you know it!

How was your weekend?


  1. Uh oh. When I read that your throat was sore and that YS has mono ... I had to wonder if you might not be getting it?? Take care of yourself.

    How do you manage to come up with a meal list for 2 weeks?? I have a hard enough time in the morning thinking of what I'm going to prepare for dinner that evening! DH does our shopping, and he prefers to go as needed rather than once a week or so ... so I've never had to prepare a weekly or bi-weekly meal plan. I wish I could get myself into that habit though.

    Good luck with your dishwasher!

  2. Hope everyone your way is feeling better soon!

    I bought a new vacuum food saver thing. Then I had to go cook all the food so that I could save a bunch of it. What is it about a new machine that makes us want to do extra work?

  3. Sore throats are just the worst! Hope you're on the mend! Girl...sometimes I really miss being a speech pathologist in the schools, THEN I recall endless mounds of paperwork and I realize I'm pretty content being a stay-at-home mom. Wishing you a GREAT school year!

  4. I ended up not seeing the last few episodes of Whodunit? I'll have to look online who the killer was.

    & I did look up the Revenge Promo... OH MY GOSH... that's how its going to start & it'll work up to that all year long - guaranteed

    but was she wearing a wedding dress?!?!!?!?

    I heard that it got a new producer this year & won't be all weird like last year (children coming out of the wood works & stupid stuff like that)

  5. Sorry you were not feeling well. Your weekend sounds like you were very busy. Sorry about YS having strep. I use to like when school started after Labor Day. (that's when my bowling starts) School just started today here in our neighborhood but my friends kids started a few weeks ago like you.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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