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Half-Past Kissin' Time

~  Another week closer to Fall Break!  (That's 6 more weeks, but who's counting?)

~  I was at school yesterday for 12 hours.  I got there a little before 7:00 a.m., and we had Open House so I didn't leave until 7:20 p.m.  It was a busy day!

~  We have a new principal at that school, and he's doing a GREAT job!  When the superintendent introduced him to us as our new principal, my thought was, "Oh my gosh!  He looks like he's YS' age!"  He's probably about 5 or 6 years older than YS, but it really made me feel old.

~  High school football starts tonight.  It's pretty weird to not have to go to the games unless we want to.

~  I spent 2 hours in the clinic on Wednesday because I was feeling like crap, and YS tested positive for strep on Sunday.  I was sure it was strep, but the dr. said it was just the beginning of a bad head/chest cold.  I actually felt much better yesterday.  I don't remember ever getting a cold this early in the school year.  Time to get out the Lysol wipes and the Anywhere spray!

~  This is pretty short, but all I've been doing is working and trying to get my act together for work.  I've been real spoiled the past few years with a pretty light caseload, but having a special ed preschool in one of my schools is changing all of that!

~  Looks like a camping weekend is in order!


  1. That is a LONG day! I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Abby has been sick with a bad head cold for the past 4 days. She said that "everybody" at her school of over 3,000 students has the same thing. Seems to happen at the start of every school year. Feel better soon!

  2. Glad to hear that you've got a camping trip coming up this weekend ... you deserve one after such a busy week. Hope you're feeling well enough to really enjoy it!

  3. I could be wrong, but it sounds to me that we have a similarity in that we do love our jobs, but still count our days until weekend/breaks.

  4. Hope you have a great school year. Although I really enjoy my work in communications, when I hear people talking about the start of a new school year, I really miss being in the classroom. Imagine that--after being in another job for almost 15 years!

  5. You sound like me- I often have a full overflowing-on-the-floor-plate is more like it!

    Good to meet you- I'll be back around :)

  6. Sounds like your school year is off to a good (and busy) start!

  7. A special needs preschool will definitely up your caseload - and your need for Lysol wipes :). I washed my hands so often when I taught Pre-K that I had lotion everywhere - my desk, my purse, my car, every room in the house.

    Hope all continues to go well with the new school year!

  8. It seems like a lot of people are getting sick early this year. I had surgery a few weeks ago and have an infection that feels like the flu... ugghh.. I hope you feel better!

  9. Hoping you feel better soon! I bet the football game situation is strange. I recently saw my sister Mary who just dropped her last child off at college. The kids' bedrooms look so care and empty. She's feeling the "loss".

  10. I hope you and YS are feeling better. Strep is yuck, yuck, yucky! I'm sure that 12 hour days don't help.
    Enjoy your Friday evenings with or without football.
    Happy FF!

  11. You make me reminisce about the days I went back to school in the Fall when I was teaching. There is much I missabout teaching but going back in early August IS NOT one of them.

  12. After a day like that, you can have a short post ;-) I am really glad you like the new principal. I hope you enjoy the weeks till break!

  13. Only 6 weeks! You got this!!

  14. I do wish that you and I could have a cup of coffee together; we have so much in common!

    My caseload has increased by 1/3 this year. However, after last year's group, I'm sure this year will feel like a cakewalk! Dropped Kendall off last night, and today is my first day back at school; I'm sure work will provide a nice distraction.

    Have a great year!!


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