Meet Me on Monday

The blogging mini-break is over.  It was unexpected as Blogger must've thought we all needed a day off! I was especially perturbed because Friday was the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, so I didn't get to post that story.  Come back tomorrow and it will be up!

Java is back with this week's questions.  To participate, click on the above link, copy & paste the questions in your blog, answer, and don't forget to link up!


1.  Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Smooth.  Unless it's on pancakes, then I'll go for crunchy.
2.  What is your favorite color Rose? 
I don't know that I have one.  While I think roses are beautiful, I don't know that I have one that I have to say "that's my favorite".  I do love seeing red roses growing out in the yard.  Not my yard...I don't think they'd grow in my yard with my un-green thumb!
3.  Do you remove your shoes when you walk into your home?
Yes.  I try to get the boys to do that, too, to keep dirt & mud from tracking in so I don't have to spend time sweeping/vacuuming the floor.
4.  What is your favorite season?
Fall.  I love it when then temps start cooling down.  Another plus for fall is football!  Being from the south, football is a big part of life!
5.  Approximately how many hours a day do you spend blogging?
I'd say 2, but it's mixed in with watching tv or doing other things.


  1. I've never had pb on a pancake. I love pancakes and I love peanut butter but I don't know if I'd like them together. Do you still put syrup on it too? I need syrup on my pancakes. Course, pancakes are not on my diet these days so I don't know why I'm even asking. Have a nice week!

  2. Can't wait for Our Lady of Fatima post. I am learning a lot from you.

  3. I'm doing something wrong - so many people are spending 2 hours blogging and I can't keep up with the 4-5 I'm using....I need a lesson in time management!!

  4. I enjoy reading these posts, Mary. One can get to know you better through them.

  5. I'm the same with you on all your answers..except number 1- crunchy peanut butter on pancakes? Never heard of that one!

  6. PB on PC's?
    I am pining away for Fall!

  7. that is a good habit to take off shoes, I know people who do that, but never got into the practice here. Creamy peanutbutter here and I don't even want to think how much time I spend blogging :)

    happy Monday and the end is in sight with school!!


  8. hmm...pb on pancakes...I just might have to try that! I should really take off our shoes before coming in the house too!

  9. Wow, two hours blogging, mixed in with watching tv or other things...I need lessons!

  10. I've never had PB on pancakes. I might just have to give it a try.

  11. Peanut butter on pancakes? Never heard of that. Interesting.

    I have a black thumb too, nice to know I'm not alone.

    We take our shoes off as well, and fall's my favorite season. Nice to know we have so much in common.


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