Our Lady of Fatima

The 3 children depicted in the statues with Mary are Francisco, Lucia, and Jacinta; three shepherd children who were tending flocks in Cova da Iria,  Portugal, which is near Fatima.  On May 13, 1917, they were tending the sheep when it began to lightening.  Thinking it was a storm, the children began running.  Mary appeared in a vision to the children, urging them to pray the Rosary for world peace, the end to WWI, for sinners, and the conversion of Russia.  Between the first apparition and October 13, she gave the children 3 secrets.  

They asked Mary if each of them would go to heaven.  Her reply:  Jacinta and Lucia would, Francisco would but he would have to say many rosaries.  While Mary gave the children 3 secrets, they were shown hell, heard the prediction of WWII and the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.  

At one point, the children were taken to jail and were told to denounce the visions.  The children refused, and ended up converting the people in jail.  October 13 is known as "The Day the Sun Danced".  Lucia made a public announcement that there would be a miracle performed.  The day began with rain and the field where the miracle was to be performed was mud.  At 12 o’clock noon, LucĂ­a pointed up at the sky. "The sun appeared as a disc that gave off various colors and could be looked at without difficulty; it spun like afireball and looked as if it would fall to the earth." Suddenly, the sunbroke free of its orbit and began to plunge to the earth. All seventy thousand people were in panic. Many were heard to say, "God have mercy on me." Then the sun stopped and returned to its place in the sky, and it turned into a beautiful day. People become aware that their clothes were dry.

While this was happening, Lucia reported that St. Joseph, holding the child Jesus, appeared with Our Lady of Fatima.  She announced that she was the "Lady of the Rosary".  The vision on 13 October was the last time she appeared to all of the children together; she appeared to them separately after then.
Francisco died in 1919 at the age of 11, and Jacinta in 1920 at the age of 10.  Our Lady of Fatima told Jacinta that she would die in a hospital, away from her family, which is exactly how it happened.  both children were victims of the flu epidemic which ravaged Europe in 1918.  They were both beatified on 13 May, 2000, with Lucia present.  Lucia lived to be 97; she became a Carmelite Nun and spread the story of Our Lady of Fatima and her Immaculate Heart.  She died on Feb. 13, 2005

Many miracles are attributed to Our Lady of Fatima.  Beginning on 05 May, a novena (a prayer that is said on 9 consecutive days) is said.  This is the first year I have participated in this novena.  On Wednesday, 11 May, OS had an accident.  He was at the river and stood up too fast.  He said he took a couple of steps and then passed out, falling down a ravine and landing face down in the water.  The men who were with him are paramedics.  He said when he came to, one of the guys was holding his head in his hands, telling him not to move until they checked him out.  OS came out of it with just a few scratches on his elbow & shoulder, and a small cut on his head.  I told him that his guardian angels were definitely looking out for him, but a while later remembered that I was saying the novena.  I definitely think Our Lady of Fatima had a hand in him not being seriously hurt, and with the paramedics being with him. Some may say it's a coincidence, but I think it was more than that.


  1. Mary this is beautiful! And yes, I agree it was more than coincidence. So glad OS is alright.

  2. There is no such thing as coincidence. Praise be to God!!!
    Thanks for sharing the story of Fatima!

  3. You know, JPII has spoken with so many saints of our time! In person!

  4. Nope, no coincidence! Glad OS is OK!

  5. Having been to Rome, seeing the Pope, and having seen the Shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe...I would love to go to Fatima's shrine. I think that would be pretty amazing.


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