Thursday "Thangs"

~  Today is day one of two for professional development.  These 2 days are counted as "Banking Days" for next year.  On our school calendar, we used to have "Optional PD Days"; the board has changed the name to "Banking Days".  Next year we have 3.  So, we can earn 3 days off by doing 3 days worth of PD during the summer, as long as we have certificates stating that we earned them.  

~  YS managed to pull out a "C" in Algebra!  WHEW!  He came through in the last hour!

~  MS has been working at the Destination Imagination Global Finals last week and this week.  He's making some good money, which is good since he owes his daddy!

~  CH & I got a good laugh while watching Wheel of Fortune last night:  there were 2 brothers on a team who were from El Salvador.  The puzzle they won:  Red and Green Chili Peppers.  What did they win for solving the puzzle?  A trip to Central America!

~  I love it when CH brings me a surprise, even when I tell him to bring me one.  He went to Wally World last night and asked if I needed/wanted anything.  I couldn't think of anything I wanted, so I told him to bring me a surprise...something he thinks I would like.  Here's what he came back with:
I didn't see it in when it was in the theater, so hopefully it's worth buying it!  It got rave reviews from ASHA (the American Speech Language Hearing Association), so it must be pretty good.

~  Here's a find:
Magnum White Chocolate Bar.  I read on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember whose it was!) that the chocolate ones weren't very good, but I really liked the white chocolate.  A bit pricey compared to other ice cream novelty bars:  there are only 3 to a box.

~  Ally got her stitches out on Tuesday.  The vet tech said that when they were prepping her for surgery a couple of weeks ago, they were putting the junk on her stomach, and the bladder stones were just falling out.   The vet said that when they put her on the operating table, there was a nice little pile of stones laying on the table where she had been.  She said she had never seen anything like it.  Ally seems to be a lot happier; she'll be even happier after next Tues. when she gets to go to the "beauty parlor" to get a hair cut!

~  Is blogger doing anything "funky" with anyone else while trying to post pictures?  Sometimes I'll have to choose the picture and click "post" 3 or 4 times before it will insert it.  Very aggravating!

What kind of "thangs" are going on in your world today?


  1. First of all, I love the word, thangs.
    Secondly, King's Speech is one of my all time favorite movies. Happy Thursday, Mary!

  2. Oh Algebra- how well I remember it and I still HATE it. All of my girls did quite well in it but NOT me. That stuff gives me a headache!

    I haven't seen The King's Speech either but it did get rave reviews.

    White chocolate. Why, oh WHY did you have to mention white chocolate? Only my favorite thing that I can't have now. LOL

    Only thing going on here is that I want some white chocolate. :)

  3. You'll love The Kings Speech!!

  4. We watched The King's Speech this past weekend. I enjoyed it. You'll have to let us know what you think!

  5. A movie AND ice cream - can't beat that with a stick!
    I enjoyed that movie and I bet you will too.

  6. I think the movie is worth owning.
    I bought those Magnum in chocolate and the 3 others in the house ate them. I wanted to buy the white chocolate. I love white chocolate!
    I have another coupon so I will be getting them for ME! Blogger gave me issues this morning. I can only go into HTML and Preview. If I try to go into compose I got disconnected each time.

  7. I think you hubby found the perfect gift for you. I still want to see this movie too.
    So funny about the Wheel Of Fortune peeps; irony.
    I just read about those ice cream bars this funny.

  8. Can't wait to hear how the Kings Speech is - it's in our blockbuster queue.

    Because I'm smart, I think I just figured out what YS, MS, and OS stand for. Like I said, I'm smart :). And because I'm even smarter, I just realized if I'd clicked on 'cast of characters' months ago, I would have known all along. *face palm*

  9. Good post!

    I just ordered that movie on Netflix and look forward to seeing it!

    The Wheel of Fortune show...hysterical!

    Magnum White Choc. Bar?!?! Could you hear me wiping the drool from my chin?

    Have a great Memorial Weekend!

  10. I cannot imagine with Ally and those stones! I'm sure the vet will be talking about that to his colleagues for months down the road! I haven't seen the King's Speech but did hear great reviews of it.

    haven't tried posting pictures in a bit, but can't comment on lots of journals these days; very frustrating!!

    have a great weekend!


  11. I posted about the Magnum bars, I didn't think they were as good as Dove or Haagen Daaz but they were good. I tried the white chocolate ones recently, they were very good...and different, I haven't seen too many ice cream novelties with the white chocolate option.


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