Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What reveals more about a woman-her refrigerator or her purse?
Her purse.
2. When was the last time you went to the zoo? Where? What's your favorite zoo animal?
2 years ago in Copenhagen.  Where they had a possum on exhibit complete with an overturned garbage can.  My favorite zoo animal:  giraffe.
3. What social issue fires you up?
Abortion.  Is that considered a social issue or a moral issue?  

4. Are you a coupon clipper? If so, are you extreme? 
The only coupons I use are the ones that come in the mail from Kroger that are specific to things I buy.  I love getting those coupons!

5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels?
A Little Mermaid souvenir from Copenhagen.
6. Lemon meringue or key lime? 
Key Lime.

7. What is the most beautiful word you know in any language?
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
The school year is winding down.  Every year, the speech pathologists help out with screening the children who will be coming to kindergarten next year.  And, every year, we seem to have a couple of kids who really stand out.  Monday, I screened a child who told me his favorite food was oysters from Hooters....California Steamed Oysters.  He then proceeded to tell me that he liked Hooters because it sounded like "pooters"!!!  Gotta love little boys!


  1. Copenhagen? How fun! A possum exhibit? Too funny. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  2. A possum? Ewwww....we have those in our back woods and they are one animal I dislike. A friend went to put trash in her rubbish bin one evening and when she took the lid off a possum was lurking inside. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

    Have a great day...I'm sure you're happy to be winding down for the summer!

  3. Kids are so honest! haha You gotta love that.

  4. Oh the things that kids will say. #8 made me LOL.

  5. Hey! We made it through another school year! Love that story about your student. I would agree that little boys are the sweetest. :)

  6. Our screenings aren't until the end of July...right before Kindergarten begins in August. Whatever happened to summer vacation? Praying for you...I'm sure you're super duper busy!

  7. Pooters---LOL

    My mother was a school psychologist and we always loved hearing what some of her kids had to say in response to test questions. Kids are a hoot!

  8. Gotta love kids!! I used to cringe when the kids went to the front of the church for children's moment. You just never knew what they'd come up with - fortunately for me, my kids were pretty shy - some parents were not so fortunate ;-)

  9. I am not sure why I am not compelled to officially join in, but I love to answer the prompts on your blog...
    1. agree with you
    2. 3 years ago and I don't miss it a titch
    3. Yep, me too!
    4. Nary a one
    5. Wine labels from Napa
    6. yep, me too
    7. Jesus
    8. your random thought is the bomb

  10. Oh I laughed out loud at #8! Kids can be a riot!

  11. Love Love Love Key Lime pie! So happy to see your summer is almost here :)

  12. I said abortion too. Loved your random and my daughter would love your mermaid.

  13. how cute with the possum exhibit! I don't think I have ever seen one in the zoos I have visited :)

    how cool the end of the school year and love the little boy's comment!


  14. Copenhagen sounds like it was so much fun. LOved the mermaid. I have always been attracted to them and lighthouses...I shared your Hooters story with my special ed teaching daughter...I thought she would never stop laughing.

  15. We got married in Copenhagen. One of my favorite places.

    Only a mother of three boys could cherish the pooters remark! If they only stayed so deliciously naive and didn't move on to hooters!

  16. I'm with you on giraffe. I am really wanting some Key Lime Pie.
    Almost everyone has said that.
    Hooters, sounds like he has some great parents....not!

  17. Home. *sigh*
    Hooter; pooter. Love it.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  18. LMAO!!! Toooo cute!!!! You never know what it going to come out of their little mouths!! Did you tell the parents?

    ~ Wendy


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