Mother's Day

Java didn't post Meet Me On Monday questions because she was busy spending time with her boys, and, frankly, I just didn't feel like coming up with anything last night.

Yesterday, after Mass, we had the crowning of Mary, which is a tradition every May.  In the Church, May is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  How fitting is it that we had the May Crowning of Mary on Mother's Day?  It was so sweet to see the children placing flowers at the statue of Mary.  I didn't get a picture yesterday; I didn't think it was appropriate to fight my way up to the front and take a picture!  Hopefully I can get a picture up tomorrow.

All my boys are home for the summer.  Makes for a little bit of a crowded house since FES is still with us, but we'll manage.  OS & MS usually sleep in the man room when they come in, and it will just be for about 4 more weeks.  OS should be at the river quite a bit with his water rafting guide job, and MS will be busy with taking Freshman English and working 2 lifeguard jobs.  He decided to wait until this summer to take English at a community college to keep his GPA up.  YS just needs to start the job hunt and we'll be set!

OS' girlfriend came by yesterday with her labradoodle puppy.  At one time, all 3 dogs were in the house (but thank goodness they all get along well!) running around, when Ally (who has an UTI and will go to the vet today) decides to squat and pee.  As I'm cleaning that up, girlfriend comes in to let me know that she thinks the toilet needs plunging.  OS has the dogs outside, I'm cleaning up the accident, and girlfriend yells for OS:  The toilet is overflowing.  OS runs in and leaves the dogs outside (which is fine except for Ally who likes to visit the park when no one is looking) and starts taking care of that.  I leave the accident and grab towels, then run down and get the shopvac.  Then I realize the dogs are outside, so I herd all 3 of them back in and go back to the bathroom to help with cleanup.  This is life in our household!

I went on a nice walk with OS, girlfriend, and all 3 dogs yesterday.  The weather couldn't have been nicer!  It was so nice seeing families in the park, enjoying each other.    With Ally's UTI, I had to stop just about every 2-3 minutes and let her squat. All of the dogs enjoyed getting in the creek; I forgot I had just given the girls a bath on Saturday!  I remembered as Ally got in for the first time.  There were some ducks hanging out near the fountain, so the dogs were all very curious about this thing quacking at them!

All in all, it was a good day.  I went down to my parents' and spent a few minutes with them.  Mom said she didn't expect to see me since I had been down on Saturday night when one of my sisters was there.  I just kept thinking about friends that lost their moms this year (actually within the past month).  You never know when that Mother's Day is going to be the last one you're going to have your mom with you.

So, on that note:  I hope everybody had a good Mother's Day, whether you're a mom with angels on earth, in heaven, in thoughts, or with furbabies!


  1. you were wise to go and visit your mom again on Mother's Day; you just never know indeed. and it is hard to see everyone celebrating their moms (which is nice that they are) and you miss yours.

    sounds like you had an adventurous Mother's Day; but it sounds like it will be a good summer with all the boys at home! I'd enjoy that I do believe!!


  2. Girl, I thought I was the only person with a crazy life. Sheesh! One of my least favorite things to deal with is an overflowing toilet! Icky!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Are you near the flodded areas?

  4. @Sr. Ann Marie: No, thank goodness! The flooding is in West Tennessee, in Memphis, and I live in East Tennessee. What they are going through sounds horrible. They definitely could use all prayers!

  5. Mother's Day was wonderful here! And no overflowing toilets...this time. LOL

  6. LOL What a wild and fun afternoon. You'll never be lonely with all your guys running here, there and fro, not to mention all the poochies. I think Labradoodles are sooooo stinkin' cute! Happy Mother's Day Ms. Mary! (yes, I know it's belated, but nonetheless sincere)

  7. Thank you. Well your house certainly sounds like it was a busy place! Happy Mother's Day.

  8. Sounds like a very good, very full Mother's Day! I wanted to let you know that I posted your link to post..thanks for reminding me!! Do you live anywhere near Dave Ramsey???

  9. Oh my ... what a Mother's Day you had! Hope you had a quiet Monday.

    Good for you for going to see your mom even though you had just spent some time with her on Saturday. You're right ... you never know when your last Mother's Day with her will be ... I'm sure she appreciated it, too.

  10. Three dogs is a LOT. That is what I keep telling my people.
    Glad all the boys are home...even if it means chaos. :)


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