Gerbil Update

The little guys are getting completely settled in.  CH & I decided that they just didn't have enough room in their original cage, so we spent what seemed like 5 hours about an hour in Petsmart trying to decide how to "upgrade".  Here's what we ended up with when it was all said and done:
The cage on the right is the addition, along with the "Lookout Tower" on the one on the left.  We also got them some "Critter Bath Dust"...they must practice good hygiene if they're going to live in my house!  And, we got a ball so they can have a little "freedom" and roll around the room.  CH put Eli in it, and I ended up taking him into the living room so he would have more room.  Pepper tried to nose it a couple of times, so I had to keep her away from him.  Ally was a little curious and sniffed a bit, but couldn't really be bothered.  YS put Tige in the ball yesterday and let him roll around his room. 

This is what I found Sunday morning when I checked on them:
I have to admit, they are rather cute all cuddled up together, sleeping.  Eli is the gray one in the front; Tige is the brown one.  At one point, Eli was sleeping over on top of Tige.  I think they like their new digs.


  1. I had a friend growing up whose hamster got in my sleeping bag when I spent the night at her house. I think this is where by shivers come from when I see these little guys. I like them in the cage though: )

  2. You're too cute. Glad you're enjoying.

  3. Other than the tails they are very cute...and they do look very cozy!

  4. Aww...they look so cute sleeping. Well they should be very happy with all that new space.

  5. Better that they're at your house than mine. They're just a little too close to mice to suit me. ;-)

  6. Oh, so sweet, they are cuddling up like baby bunnies...or kittens. But they are not. They are gerbils. :)
    Ok, they are kinda cute. Much cuter than our pet snake!


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