Have I mentioned how much I love my schools lately?   If you're an "oldie" to my blog, you know that I serve 2 elementary schools.  They have their own "personalities", but both of them are fairly laid back with principals who let me do my job.  I'm very fortunate that I have some excellent faculties to work with.

Having said that:  I don't think any of  my prior schools can compare to my "lunch crew" at one of my schools,  especially this year.  We have 2 new members who fit in perfectly.  Earlier in the year we started talking about places out west we want to visit.  Then it evolved into all of us renting a camper, then that turned into a tour bus.  We would just hop on, ride until there was something we wanted to see, and then we'd stop and do some sight-seeing. 

A few weeks ago we were talking, and somehow we decided to take turns bringing in lunch for everybody on Tuesdays.  Hence the term  "TLC":  Tuesday Lunch Crew.  A couple of weeks ago, one of the teachers made coconut cream pie.  Oh my, was it good!  Last week things really got started:  I brought in King Ranch Casserole and another teacher brought in "Old-Fashioned Gingerbread with English Cream".  It was out of this world!  I've looked online for the recipe but couldn't find it.  It was almost as good as the Sticky Toffee Pudding that I had when I was in London.  On top of that, another teacher's mother brought in some lasagna for us.  YUUUUUM!    (I think they didn't trust that I would remember to bring my casserole!)

Our idea now is to make a cookbook with all of our recipes, and sell the books to sponsor our trip.  Then, we will turn our trip into a book tour!  I still think a reality show would get us out there.
Poor teachers can dream, can't we?


  1. Love your TLC!!! Love the tour bus idea!!! Love the cookbook idea!!! Mary, you are really blessed to be with this crew. Good for you :)

  2. I like the reality series idea. It would be every bit as good as the Real Housewives!

  3. Cool,Mary! Although I totally could see this as a If You Give A Mouse A Cookie type book. If you give a teacher a dessert, she'll want a casserole to go with it. She'll need a recipe to make it. The teacher will look up a recipe on Pinterest and she'll get the idea to write a cookbook. You get the idea..just don't forget to mention your awesome sister-in-law in the dedication/acknowledgment of the book. I'm also available for the book tour/bus tour.

  4. Cocconut cream pie? Yes ma'am! One of my favs!

  5. Sounds like a great group and I know it makes your work day happy when you see them. My MIL would talk about King Ranch Chicken casserole all and I made a casserole called Viva La Chicken and found out that they are almost identical in ingredients.


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