Weekend Wrapup

Another weekend that involved over 100 teenagers.  And it was good, it really was!  Saturday involved some theatrics, spinning, and percussion.  YS was involved in this:
And then this:
Another weekend of teenagers doing what they love to do.  A weekend of teenagers giving up a day of their weekend to perform.   I was exhausted by the time we got home!  I did manage to get quite a bit of a book read.

OS came in for the weekend Friday night, but I didn't really see him until Sunday since I was gone on Saturday. We actually had a dinner at home, all together on Sunday evening.  All 5 of us, plus one of CH's motorcycle friends.

Funny thing at the end of Mass:  At the end of Mass, Father will say, "Please bow your head and pray for God's Blessing".  Father said that, but then said, "No, please have a seat", followed by "There are no announcements, you can stand back up...And now we will do Rock, Paper, Scissors!"  If anybody comes to a Mass that he is presiding over and is expecting a perfectly said Mass, they're in for a surprise!  He definitely "makes it real!" 

I'm still trying to figure out Lent.  I'm trying to get in the right frame of mind, but I'm having a really hard time with it.  YS is giving up shoes for Lent.  Yes, I said "shoes".    I suggested something like going to Mass every Sunday, but he insists on going through with this.  I have no idea where he came up with idea, but apparently he's something he's thought through.

Let's get this week going so we can get it done!  Only 2 more weeks until we have Spring Break...YS' break starts at the end of this week. 


  1. Sometimes I resent the Lenten restrictions. I see some people acting so pure and telling the world all that they give up, then you find out they are still being an ass. I am just trying to pray more, nothing formal, nothing elaborate, nothing over the top. Just simple. I love my faith and I LOVE God and all I can do is keep trying. I think He gets that. Good luck!

  2. Shoes? LOL
    He may be sportin' some cold toes and/or lots of
    worn out socks by Easter. LOL

    Isn't it great on the rare occasion when the complete family can get together?! Great times!

  3. Must have been fun with all these teenagers ! I am also waiting for spring !!

  4. The weekend looked like a blast....as far as Lent goes I gave up french fries (I love them) and am writing a handwritten note to 40 people who have been special in my life telling them. I decided to do a fast item and a service project.

  5. I love the whole family together for dinner. That is rare and special when your kids are grown.

    I did not give up anything for Lent but I am writing (as in hand written) a letter to someone each day for the 40 days. It requires discipline and time and thought and I liked the idea of adding something positive to someones day.

  6. Only 2 more weeks! Oh my, I'll bet you can hardly wait!

  7. I love a "real" priest! I am so intrigued about the shoes thing...wow!


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