Teenagers & Music

I had the great fortune to spend last Thursday afternoon through Saturday night with a bunch of teenagers.  That is NOT sarcasm; it's a fact.  YS & 3 other kids in the band went to a University for a band clinic.  Thursday evening they had to audition:  they had to play a couple of scales and sightread a piece for judges.  If you've never had this experience, it is unbelievably nerve-racking.  Friday morning we were back at the University to see where the kids were placed and to get them in the right place so they could start practicing.   Or, rather, their band director did.  I waited to see where they placed, then I left and went to Curves. 
It's really weird to go to a place that is so much like you're used to, but so different.  The machines at Curves were pretty much the same, but they felt differently.  Interesting.  I think I had a pretty good workout: when I left my face was RED and the sweat was just pouring off of me.  One reason for that may be that they don't keep the temperature as low as mine does.
I got back to the University about an hour before the lunch break, so we went to lunch and then the kids went back to practice.  It was amazing to hear them sight read the piece, then go back after a little bit of instruction and hear what a difference it made.  Honestly, it does a heart good to see hundreds of teenagers loving to play music.  No cell phones, no iPads/iPods, and no videos (not during rehearsal, anyway). 
At one point I was in the restroom, and a couple of girls came in. One of them said something about one of the conductors being from Provo, to which the other said, "What's a Provo?"  Aaaahh...Tennessee education.
The kids practiced, I read.  I played Words with Friends & Hanging with Friends.  What I didn't do was get caught up on blog reading.  I meant to; I really, really did mean to.  I may have even drifted off at one point.
Thursday night, when we got to the hotel, there may or may not have been a Miller Lite Tall boy left in our refrigerator from a previous guest.  And, someone may or may not have yelled at the boys for bringing it to see what kind of reaction he would get.  And, some boys may or may not have blamed each other for bringing it.    The can was taken down to the front desk and the staff member was very apologetic.  That will definitely be a story for them to remember and retell over and over!
Saturday morning, the band that 3 of the kids were in played their "slow song".  It was so pretty, and the different parts were so pretty that I had tears in my eyes.  (Y'all know that a pretty song will make me cry!)  And then, when I thought about YS & the other 2 kids I know being a part of that, I really teared up.  It just makes my heart swell to think about those kids playing such amazing music!  Their concert was Saturday night, then we all headed home.
They didn't make a recording of the concert, so I found most of the songs they played on Amazon and downloaded them.  Whoever chose the pieces did a really good job; I've been listening to the songs all day.
Guess there is hope for our country after all!


  1. cracking up over the Miller Lite!

  2. I used to love going to band things....

  3. That University had better *not* have been in my neck of the woods and you didn't tell me before!
    Remember when I brought you up here to play in the band clinic way back when?

  4. I also enjoy hanging out with teenagers; why do they get a bad rap?
    Glad your weekend was good!
    That Miller lite had my name on it...can't believe you gave it up! ;)

  5. Sounds like a very interesting trip. I would have kept the beer for safe keeping :)

  6. Great post! Love the Miller Lite tall boy. I was expecting you to say you drank it (with all those kids). Love the "what's a provo?" xo, laura


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