Mary's World

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know, a day when you had a gazillion things to do and a short time to get everything accomplished, and nobody seems to notice that you're in a hurry?  Geez, some people need to get into my world!
After I left school, I had to run by the chiropractor.  It's usually a quick in and out...but not today.  Both rooms had patients, so I had to wait in the hall.  He quickly cracked one person's back, and he was out of there.  I went into the room, and he (the dr.) went into the other room.  Well, this woman wanted to talk.  She wanted to talk about something that I don't even remember, and then she wanted to talk about the dr.'s recent trip to Belize.  I may have let a huge sigh escape at one point, hoping he'd hear it.  He's just too seemed like he tried to get away a couple of times, but she'd change topics and start up again.  At one point he was standing in the doorway between the 2 patient rooms, and she finally walked out.  He adjusted me, and the lady was still at the counter when I got through.
Chore #1 out of the way.  Chore #2 was to run by my bank and deposit a check.   I figured I'd just run through the drive through so I could get to OS' bank to put some money in his account for him before 4:00.  Only there were a couple of cars in each of the 2 lanes open.  I got in line, but then decided it might be faster to actually go inside.  People who use the drive through for things they should go inside for really get on my nerves, especially when I'm in a hurry.  Anyway, I get out of  line and pull into a parking place.  I walk inside, and....YAY!  There's no one in line!  There are 2 tellers, but one of them is busy with the "Next Window" sign in front of her.  The other one looks a little busy, and she finally (okay, it was probably only a half-minute, but it seemed longer in my world!) looked up and said she'd be right with me.  Points to her for at least acknowledging my presence.  Then, this woman comes in and goes up to the teller with some information that apparently she didn't have and had to go out to the car to get.  She did her business then left.  When I drove back by the drive-through, the car I was originally behind was at the tube, so yay me for the right decision.
Chore #2 out of the way.  Next I had to go to OS' bank.  I knew I had to walk in to his bank since I don't have any of his deposit slips.  I walked in, filled out the deposit slip, walked right up to the window, made the deposit, and off I went.
Chore #3 is history.  I had to run into the mall to get my new charm put on my bracelet.  I have the hardest time figuring out where everything is (even though it's a small mall...I just don't go there very often), but I guessed correctly as to which door to go in.  No one else is in the store and there are 3 people working.  One of the girls pops up and asks if she can help.  She gets the charm I know how easy it is so I won't need to make a trip to the mall when I get another one.  Mary's World is looking pretty good right now.
Chore #4 out of the way.  Off to Curves I go.  I changed clothes and came out of the bathroom to put my shoes on.  Except there's a woman in the chair, taking her sweet time to take her shoes off, talking to another woman, oblivious that I'm trying to get my shoes on while standing up with nothing to hold on to.  I get my shoes on, and turn around to start my workout...except there are 2 women at my starting point!  If you know anything about Curves, you know that you go around to work on machines that are in a circle.  I always, always start in this one specific spot.  But not today.  No, today I had to start a few machines down.  I did a couple, and the ladies left, so I jumped into my usual starting position, did those couple of machines that I missed, then jumped up to where I left off.  Creature of habit?  You betcha.
Chore #5:  done.  Next I'm off to Walgreens to get a couple of travel sized items for this weekend.  I get what I need, then see this one person.  You know those people who act like they're your best friend one minute, but then the next time  you see them they act like they've never seen you before?  I have no need for those people.  If I had gotten in line at that point, I would've been right behind her in line.  So, I happened to see the Valentine stuff on sale, so I walked over and killed a little time.  I walked up to the check out...there was a short line, but then another employee invited me to the other register to get checked out.  Things are looking up.
Chore #6:  done.  Next to Aldi to get a pizza.  If you haven't tried their pizza, you're missing something.  And they're cheap.  I browse through a couple of aisles (their baked chips are good, too, by the way), get the pizza, and start up to the register.  There are a few people in front of me, but the line goes pretty quickly.  My turn:  the lady in back of me decides not to stop with her buggy, and bumps me, like she's urging me to move up.  Personal space... have you heard of it, lady?  I was nice...I didn't look glare at her and say, "Excuse me" in my little sarcastic way when someone needs to be reminded of good manners.  I acted like she didn't bump me and proceeded to pay.  I dropped my debit card, and the woman almost ran over it because she was still moving.
Chore #7 finally done.  Home I go.  Peace and quiet for a few minutes until YS gets home. 
Things would've gone so much smoother today if everybody would've had gotten into "Mary's World"!


  1. Wow...what a day! I often feel the same way...can people just get on board with Suzette's World?

  2. I can so relate to many of the frustrations you shared ... glad you got your chores done, even if not quite as peacefully as you would have liked. ;-)

  3. Isn't it hard when we realize that we walked through the day self focused instead of using every opportunity to reach out to others? When we get so caught up in our own needs and errands that we grump instead of move through with Joy. I have finished so many days when I look back and realize how many opportunities I missed. Thanks for giving me perspective.

  4. And you did all this AFTER school? I am impressed. I went to bank 1 for a withdrawal and that was easy peasy...then bank two to make Frank's car payment...easy....then drove an hour to get home....gobbled up supper and went to church to do youth....dropped off the four kids we picked up...and now took home....and went to Walmart because I mentioned yesterday was gum drop day and Frank wanted some. I did not get home until 8....crashed when we got home....

  5. wowzers. we have had too many days like this lately. getting chores done always helps to brighten the day... right? ;)

  6. Mary's world: LOL. :)
    When people hit me with their carts, I yell at them: DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE???
    Ok, maybe I don't , but I do give a 'face'...and what is it with people taking personal space when we are in line. I keep meaning to blog about this, it gets on my everloving nerves!!!!!


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