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Yesterday was a Professional Development Day.  "Just what do teachers do on that day?" you ask.  Well, if you're a teacher in my school system and you've already done your  extra 12 hours of  PD, then the answer is, "Anything we want!"  Yep, I had another day off!  The only thing is that with the weather being so nice, I could use another day...or 2...or 3.  Spring fever has hit hard.  Maybe it was being in SC over the weekend, with the dogwoods blooming and the pollen dusting the cars.  Maybe it was that it was so warm and beautiful, but I had to go to the grocery store and do laundry so I need another day to do more "stuff".  I'm voting on the second "Maybe".  And, my favorite meteorologist says it's going to cool down on Thursday, so you know it's going to happen!  I haven't changed my winter clothes out just yet. I wait until I absolutely have to because it involves at least 2 people (excluding myself):  I have to have them pick up the big screen so I can scoot my cedar chest out, then quickly take my clothes out and dump the other clothes in.  We keep saying we're going to get a stand for the tv, but I really don't have anyplace else to put the cedar chest, so I'm not pushing the issue. 


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Outside my window...I can see the first hint of daylight

I am thinking...I really would like to have another day off!

I am thankful husband and my boys

From the lunch box is packed

I am jammies (getting ready to get ready for work!)

I am creating...nothing at the moment, other than larger messes that need to be cleaned up!

I am clean off my desk once again!

I am reading..."The Two Minute Rule" by Robert Crais

I am hoping...that we have a good day

I am hearing...the birds chirping

Around the men are still sleeping and the girls have laid back down after their outside time

One of my favorite things...visiting with friends

A few plans for the rest of the week:soccer games, meeting at the high school for  the new trimester plan, band competitions (so I do get another day off!)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Here's a picture of MS "giving a shout out to his peeps":

He's a pretty funny kid, but this wasn't an original idea...we heard it on Blue Collar Radio on our trip this weekend!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my world!


  1. The pollen was unbelievable in SC...we left one car in SC and drove one to TN. We had the one left in SC washed just before we headed out and we came home to it covered in yellow dust. That time of year I guess. We're much slower up here with spring although we did come home to our cherry trees just beginnin to bud out. Finally. Yay!

    It was toasty in SC!

  2. Since both our daughter and daughter in law are teachers, I know all about Professional Development. :o) Love the good use of your cedar chest, how funny! But, I must say, it is perfect! A wonderful week of springtime to you!

  3. I love this photo! That's hilarious. ~ When you mentioned, "lunch box" it made me think of the old metal ones that I used to carry in elementary school. Mine was the partridge family! Ha! I would love to carry that to work now! Have a great week!

  4. Great idea... I think I may take a day off, too. ;)


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