I Feel the Earth Move

After I let the girls out, I was getting ready to sit down at the computer and write a new post, not sure what I was going to say.  Then, I heard a rumble, not quite like thunder, and not quite like a semi-truck rolling down the road.  It was a lot louder, and I actually felt it.  It even made one of my girls (the one who isn't jumpy) jump.  I have the news on and their website up to see if they'll say anything about it.  We don't live very far from the airport, so that's another concern.  I'm not hearing any sirens, so I think everything is A-OK there.  I'm wondering if maybe it was an earth tremor.  We get them every now and then; nothing major, just a little shifting every once in a great while.  When I was in 5th grade we had a pretty big one; it was big enough to wake people up.  My parents had gone around to check and make sure everybody was okay, and found 2 of my sisters hugging each other!  Then there was the time right after I got married:  We were living in N. Ga., and my husband was working for a Heating/Cooling Company.  He was under a house when we had a tremor.  That was a little scary, for sure!  We're not so used to the earth moving 'round these parts!  Okay, my favorite meteorologist just mentioned that I was right...earth tremor originating in my county.  It sounded and felt like it was very close...as in under my feet!

I've got a couple of wonderful blogs to share with you.  First, my sister, T, has started a blog!  She's written a couple of posts so far, so check her out!  It's called "A View from a Hill".  Go meet her!

Another blog is Kitchen Belleicious  who just happens to be having a giveaway! Check out the soaps she's giving away, along with her mom's book.

Just one more:  My Home and My Hips Are Both Double Wide.  I just discovered this blog within the past couple of days.  She's a southern woman who obviously has a great sense of humor and is a member of Southern Mommas.  If you're a Southern Momma, even if it's only in spirit, check that out, too and join!

Yep, definitely an earthquake:  a 3.3, and, no, it wasn't under my feet, but not too far away from my house.

Hope everyone has an "Earth Shaking Tuesday"!


  1. I stopped by your sisters blog...I'll let hubs know to go visit too. He has a crazy schedule this week (really from now til July!) but I'll tell him to stop in and say hi. It's fun to have family bloggers...I've learned a lot about my sil thru her blog that I didn't know even though I've been in the family for almost 26 years.

    Hope your Tuesday continues to rock : ) in a good way of course!

  2. so glad to find another TN blogger!!!!! thanks for finding me on southern mommas!

  3. Mary, thanks for the "advertisement". Love ya!

  4. could you have heard the sonic boom from the space shuttle landing this morning? we heard/felt the it this morning in north florida :) p.s. you won my giveaway on my blog! please email me your mailing address to deb@nefcom.net Congrats!

  5. that would scare the bejeesus out of me.
    I flip out when we hear the sonic boom...I don't like loud noises or my house moving!!!

  6. Yikes! I would have been petrified! I kind of like the earth staying firm under my feet!


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