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Saturday night was a little rough around here.  There was a lot of rain, and, around 2:00 we had a pretty big storm.  There was a report of a tornado touching down in the south end of the county, luckily there were no deaths.  There was a report of a tree falling on the house of an elderly woman...her bedpost stopped the tree from crushing her.  I used to be very afraid of storms, but they really don't bother me that much anymore.  They still wake me up, but I usually go right back to sleep while it's still rumbling.  Believe me, I've said a whole bunch of "Hail Mary's" during storms when I was little!  I don't know if the police/fire sirens kept me awake on Sat. night (we don't have tornado sirens here), but I got up and turned on the weather channel.  We were under a tornado warning.  That's warning, not a watch.  We don't get a lot of tornadoes around here (not the weather kind, anyway...the high school my boys attend are the "Tornadoes"!), so when we have a warning, there's reason to take it seriously.  I debated whether or not to wake up my husband and go downstairs, but then the warning was lifted.  So, he had a night of uninterrupted sleep!
Yesterday was Mass, laundry, and dinner at my parents'.  One of my cousins from Tx. and her husband are in visiting friends who live nearby.  Every once in a while a cousin will have a reason to be up here, so it's usually a big deal when they're here.  Here's a picture I snapped:

There's always a lot of talking and catching up when we all get together.  Okay, okay...there's also a lot of BS that goes along with it, too:
And, today starts the last bus duty of the year for me!  HOORAY!  I have 3 mornings of torturing the young 'uns left!  And, not counting today, we only have 3 more Mondays!

Karen over at Still Magnolias had this amazing post yesterday:  The Power of the Pencil.  It's a copy of  her husband's sermon from yesterday.  Like I said, it's amazing.  When you read it, you can just feel the Spirit guiding him through it.  Y'all go have a look!

I'm still looking for opinions on whether to restain or paint our kitchen cabinets, as well as any backsplash ideas:

Have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. Thank you for the link...and my family is just like yours...when we do have a reason to be all together....there is a whole lot of talking(BS) going on. I am glad you made it through the nasty weather...it was tough here too....I actually woke up sometime after 2 on Saturday morning to a horrendous storm...and the weather radio blaring...and the sirens in town going off. I love rain...I am not so much a fan of storms.

  2. Have a great week! Happy Bus Duty!

  3. Thanks for the link...I'll check it out.

    How about some shade of red/terra cotta tile as a backsplash? The tile places usually let you bring home a board...you could bring one home and prop it up and see what you think. I like reds with yellow and think it would look pretty with your yellow paint. If you are for sure doing something to the cabinets you could try painting one white and see how you like it. If you don't like the white you could stain over...more work yes, but changing your cabinets is a big thing and they are something you look at every day so you want to get it just right. Good luck!

  4. Your weekend sounds wonderful...except for the storms!!!
    As far as your kitchen? I would paint the cabinets to lighten/freshen things up. A white, or a light creamy color would be great.
    For the back splash...I love a tumbled marble. IT is what we did and it looks classic, timeless and it not very expensive.
    You just have to seal it.

    We have a kitchen/bath business, so I see a lot of transformations. Nothing makes a Mom happier than having an updated kitchen.

  5. Glad the storms passed you by...You're on the countdown to the end of school - things are lookin' up, GF!!

    I think painting the cabinets would be a great way to go with your cabinets. It would make it all feel NEW, and we gals always love NEW!!

  6. i'd probably paint them, too
    What overall look are you wanting? Country, contemporary...that will drive your backsplash and colors.
    what fun ... we're in the middle of re-furbing our master bath...will have photos soon :)

  7. I hate tornadoes! I survived one in second grade. I think that should be my quota!

    When do y'all get out. I have 4 more Mondays. :-(

  8. What is your decorating style, Mary? I just watched a Divine Design where Candice did a traditional room with white and chocolate brown. The backsplash was glass tiles and the walls were white. It was incredible. I also watched Sarah's House, where she did a farmhouse kitchen with creams and a punch of yellow. She used a beautiful fabric to compliment her decor. So what are you looking for? Traditional, country, modern? If you get on the Kraftmaid cabinetry website you can have a free catalog sent. It has about 100 different kitchens. I'd would say go for paint, but spend some time thinking about the colors you want to use. Also, what do you want your jumping off point to be? Fabric or backsplash?


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