Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday I came home to this wonderful sight:
Oh, wait! Let me back up to Thursday morning.  Here's what the lights/ceiling fan looked like in our kitchen:
And now for Thursday when I got home:
My husband had the fans put up in the kitchen area and the eating area of our kitchen.  The one in the kitchen (cooking) area should help keep it cooler in the summer.  We're He's getting things done slowly but surely!  I'm really, really excited about my sink.  It's a lot deeper than the old one and I think it looks great!
Friday afternoon I drove up toward where OS is going to school.  I met a high school friend (who lives on the way) for dinner; we talked for about 2 hours!  We could've sat for hours more, but I had to get up to JC to get to Dress Barn before it closed.  I was invited to sit on a "panel" (but it was really more like standing at a table to answer questions if anybody had them) on Saturday at "Walk to Talk" (see button on left side and link to find out what it is!) at the university that I went to for undergrad.  My spring/summer clothes are still under the bigscreen, so I had to run by and get something to wear.  Then, on to the hotel.  I was beat by the time I got there, so all I did was get ready for bed and hit the hay.  Except, MS texted me at 10:00 and then called at 1:00 to let me know what he was doing and where he was.  Friday night was his Prom, only he was  not allowed to go.  This was punishment for an "incident" that happened before Christmas.  It was a bad decision on his part, but it's over and hopefully he learned his lesson.  I hate looking over at FB and seeing pictures of his classmates all dressed up, but a punishment is a punishment.  At the school MS attends, there is only Senior Prom.  This was his last chance to go.  Oh well, I didn't go to mine (I went to the university and tried out for and made the flag corps), and I turned out okay!  Anyway, back to the story: needless to say, I didn't get much sleep Friday night.
Saturday morning I met my sister for breakfast.  There's just something nice about being able to sit down with your sister and enjoy just talking to her.  Nobody gets you like your sister.  Finally, after getting dirty looks from our server, we decided we'd better leave.  So, I went to Walk to Talk.  OS (oldest son in case you haven't been reading from the beginning!) came by for a few minutes; long enough to get my debit card so he could go get groceries and gas.  While I was at Walk to Talk, I saw this woman who could've been a twin to an ancillary attendant for a child with autism at one of my schools.  I kept glancing over at her, and I thought I should take a picture of her to show everybody, because they wouldn't believe that I saw a lady who looked just like her.   Well, I didn't take a picture, but after about 10 minutes, this lady came up to me and said, "What are you doing here?"  Yep, it was the ancillary!  Her daughter lives in JC and told her about the event, so she went up for it.  Pretty funny stuff!
Here is a picture of the dorm I stayed in for the last 3 years of my college stay (my window for 2 years was the 2nd from the left, the 2nd story...don't count the basement windows!):
See the big tree just barely in the picture?  When I lived there, the roots had broken up through the sidewalk, and there is a little bit of a hill in front of the dorm.  During ice/snow storms, our source of entertainment was standing at the window and watching the girls (who weren't smart enough to wear  decent shoes for that kind of weather) slip and slide!  I know, it's mean, but this was a small campus!
And, here's where I spent many, many hours (steps to the Music Hall):

What great memories I have of that place!  I absolutely loved being in the marching band for 4 years, the concert band for 2, and being in the flute choir. 

Now, I need your opinion:  We are planning  on doing something with the cabinets, but can't quite decide whether we should refinish the cabinets, or paint them white.  Suggestions for the backsplash are also needed!  We're thinking tile, but...what color?  print or no print?  All opinions are welcome:


  1. What a beautiful, shiny sink! Gorgeous. I love your fan too.

    I think I would paint the cabinets, I love the way painted white cabinets look. I think I'd probably do a ceramic tile backsplash--I'm stumped as to color though. Recycled glass mosaics are also gorgeous, though a bit pricey I believe.

    Glad you have so much fun with your sister. Sadly, that's not the relationship my sister and I share.

  2. ..."We are thinking of doing the very same in our kitchen, Mary!
    I saw a kitchen done in a dark brown with a very tasteful, discreet palm tree decor. But I can't remember what color the cabinets were! I'm going to have to go back and have a look see and take pictures! I really loved it and have thought I would like to have that color scheme in my kitchen because our kitchen is bright and well-lighted!
    To save money....as I looked a tile for the backsplash and realized ti was going to be pricey and alot of work, I found a vinyl floor tile that I really love and have thought of putting that on my backsplash! My sister-in-law did this with a linoleum like floor cover and it looks great! Just an idea I thought I'd share!

  3. Love the kitchen....loved the other pics too. I am so glad you have that kind of relationship with your sister. I am an only child...but have three cousins that I am like a sister too...and WE have that kind of relationship. We not only get each other...but have enough dirt on each other...that we'd have to kill each other if we ever parted ways...LOL! Have a Blessed Sunday!

  4. I was at 'school' in October and also last summer...it's still so pretty. It really is a pretty campus I think.

  5. Wow, lovely sink Mary. I can see your cabinets in a natural finish- so it would be a very light pine?

    It's so nice you have a good relationship with your sister Mary. I have two sisters and I love to talk to them but I'm in Virginia and they are in northern Ohio so we don't get together much and somehow the phone conversations don't happen much either. I am closer to my sisters in law I think and even more to my daughters in law. I am on the phone with one of my daughters in law almost every day and some times several times a day lol. She is the Mom of my grandchildren so that's nice. Loved your blog by the way. :-)

  6. I say paint the cabinets white & change the hardware, maybe....I am always a fan of neutral backsplashes because they are timeless.

  7. I don't know what I would suggest for the kitchen cupboards, but whatever you do, be sure to post photos for us :)

    Great new sink as well :)

  8. Joyce: It still feels like home, doesn't it? Not a whole lot has changed on campus!

    Thanks everybody the opinions on the cabinets this far. My husband wants to paint the cabinets, but I'm afraid if we paint them, we'll have to keep painting them every couple of years.
    Peggy: I like the idea of a natural finish.
    The changing of the hardware is a must!

  9. Hello Mary, Hope your weekend was a great one.. that you got lots of r and r... I did.. Sat and Sun just aren't long enough are they... so back at er tomorrow. I have an eye appt on Thursday, in Terrace down the hwy.. I plan on picking up an umbrella clothesline there too, as I love to hang out clothes especially towels and sheets.. Okie dokie then hope this finds you well and happy!!

  10. Hi again, sorry I like your kitchen fan and sink.. and I too would suggest the lighter wood.. we have white cabinets in our kitchen and I like them.. just have to watch when I pickle beets that I don't splash on them lol.. as that may stain.. I do wish I had a new counter and backsplash but maybe when we win the lottery ok now i'm going ttyl...


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