Double whammy!

I had the honor of accepting this award from 2 different people last week!  Casondra is a new friend.  If you haven't visited her before, you should meet her.  She is just an incredible woman who gives me a lot of inspiration.  I've "known" Kathy for a while, but didn't realize she had another blog!  I've been keeping up with what's going on with her grandkids.  Thank you both!

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered.

4.  Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

7 things about me:

1.  I'm addicted to the Real Housewives...but "only" NJ, NY, Atlanta, and DC.
2.  I don't listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.
3.  My favorite thing to do in the winter is to light some candles and watch movies.
4.  I'm very, very big on traditions.
5.  I'm a rule follower.
6.  I moved back to the small town after living away for 20 years.
7.  I'm a dog lover, but cats:  not so much.

For the 15 recent blogs I'm following:  this is going to be tough, but here goes:
1.  Jeremiah 29:11 
2.  Falling off a High-Heeled Life 
3.  Sanity is Overrated 
4.  Jeannie's Happy World 
5.  Deepintheheartoftexas2's
6.  The Motherhood Umbrella 
7.  Lemondade Living 
8.  A Corgi In Southern California 
9.  Dollycas's Thoughts 
10.  From Tracie 
11.  Leigh Ashley
12.  Life through Bifocals 
13.  Odyssey of a Mom Scholar 
14.  Oops...There Goes My Mind 
15.  Manic Motherhood

If you get a chance, go visit some or all of these ladies!  They are all amazing!


  1. You are so precious...thank you so very much!!!

    A lot of your "7" I can relate to, too...I don't think that CHRIST-mas music should be played until after we celebrate THANKS-giving!!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely award! I'll blog about it tomorrow!

  3. Aww... thanks Mary! You are so sweet! Congrats on your award! :)

  4. Congratulations. I got this one from Kathy but haven't finished it yet. I already started to listen to Christmas music.

  5. Thank you for the award, I don't however know how to copy it and add it to my blog, can you help me with that? See I'm still new at this......

  6. Thanks! I have admitted to being an after Halloween Christmas music listener. But I am with you on traditions. That's what holds a family together.

  7. I do not listen to Christmas music till after Thanksgiving as well. I would love to remember to keep some ear plugs in my purse so that when I enter a store which is playing the stuff, I don't have to hear it!

  8. Mary Congrats on such a wonderful award. I am honoured and humbled that you passed it on to me ~ Thank you... I'll work on it and get a post up about it...HHL

  9. I have a pet peeve about stations that play Christmas music before Thanksgiving. One of my favorite local stations does this...the day after Halloween no less! I've boycotted them until New Year's. Ugh.

  10. congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me; what a sweetie you are!! I agree with you about Christmas music after Thanksgiving, unfortunately most of the shops here have already started playing them. Oh well!

    Koda and me like your answer for #7. We are the same way (LOL)

    thanks again!!


  11. Thank you so much for the award!!


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