Thank You Very Much

I hadn't participated in TYVM in a while, but when I went to Kmama's, I couldn't find the button for the code, so maybe she's stopped doing it.  If anyone knows, please clue me in!  Oh well, I'm going to carry on without her!

1.  To the girls:  Thank you very much for making me jinx myself by bragging on how you've adjusted to the time change.  At 4:45 this morning, thank you Ally for doing your weird "pushing the food bowl with your nose" thing, causing quite a racket (yet I'm the only one that it seems to wake up).

2.  Again to the girls:  Thank you for leaving a "present" in the hallway on Tuesday, and a big thank you goes out to my 2 boys who were in the house but chose to tell me about it instead of cleaning it up.  At least you only weigh 20 pounds, so there wasn't a whole lot to clean up. 

3.  I guess I should send a shout-out to MS for coming home on Tuesday afternoon to do laundry but not letting the girls out when he got here.  (See #2).

4.  Finally:  Thank you to those "professionals" who think they can do my job:  If you're going to go into a meeting and talk about how you've done speech therapy, let's slap an "SLP" behind your name and you can have at it.  You're welcome to do all the paperwork that goes with it, too.

There...that just about does it with the rantings of the week.  Hope y'all have a good one!


  1. Our dog was up at 4 this morning. At least that's what hubs told me as he left for work today : )

  2. I did stop doing it. Last week was the first week I didn't do it. Participation was so low, I thought people just kind of moved on.

    Darn dogs. I'm always the only one that hears her at night too. So not fair. We have to put her food and water up at night so that she doesn't try to do either, otherwise it wakes me up.

  3. It never fails when Beau leaves a present....I find it. Gross!!!!!

  4. I always find the cat's presents when I go home to visit. It seems that I am the only one in my family who has a knack for stepping in hair balls.

    Oh well, it is my cross to bear I guess. :)

  5. My daughters dog Charlie moves his bowls too. She just got him one of those higher stands, I think he is disappointed in it! How could your boys not pick it up or even think about putting them out!

  6. I know all about jinxing myself! The other day I wrote in my blog, how much weight I lost. Yeah. That came to an abrupt stop. :)

  7. too cute about your boys not telling you about the messes your girls had left (makes you wonder if they will change diapers when they are married and have kids--though we know they will :)


  8. I love when you do these. Why are kids so clueless?

    The "professionals"? Crazy! You've found the perfect solution though. :)

  9. I'm all about the rant! But that rant about "the girls" was just too funny, I'm sorry, but those "girls" need to learn how to clean up their "presents"...hey, if they know to wake you by making a racket, they can figure out how the toilet works too :)


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