Saturday Sampling 11/06/2010

Mrs. 4444 hosts Saturday Sampling every week.  In her words:  'Looking for some especially good posts? The posts here come recommended by the authors themselves or have been linked up by admirers of the writing for their humor, inspiration, poignancy, or just plain entertainment value. Got a favorite post from your week? Link it up, whether it's old or new, your own or someone else's."
This week, I recommended Glennon's post "Dear Evy".  That post is one of the most well-written posts I've ever read.  If you choose to visit, make sure you have a box of tissues next to you.  


  1. wow!!! you are absolutely right, very well written, compassionate, wow!

    thanks for sharing this with us


  2. Hi Mary, thanks so much for stopping by..we do have beautiful mountains here, but you in TN have such beauty too...Each place has it's own beauty.

    Have a wonderful week Mary..


  3. Loved it. Have a wonderful weekend. We only have a four day week next week..but I have parent conferences three of the four days.

  4. Correct again! That was a great post Mary!

  5. I've seen your face around the samplings this week; you have been a joy to all you visited :) Thanks for your support!


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