Veterans Day

I've worked in 6 school systems in 3 states over the 27 years I've been a Speech Pathologist.  This is the first school system that has recognized Veteran's Day.  Sure, it's a day off, and I suspect that the kids have no idea why they're getting the day off.
I have a few Veterans in my life:  
My daddy, who joined the Navy as an airplane mechanic and worked on an aircraft carrier at the end of WWII.
My FIL, who was a career Army man and a helicopter pilot during the VietNam War.
CH, who attended USMA to play football, and spent quite a few years (until YS was born) in the National Guard.  He didn't participate in Desert Storm, although he was chomping at the bit to go.
My BIL (CH's brother), who is full-time Army National Guard and is a veteran from the conflicts in the middle east.
An older brother who retired from the Naval National Guard as a SeaBee and is a Desert Storm Veteran.
In addition, I also have family members who will one day be able to say they are veterans: 
My oldest brother who is full time Air National Guard.  
1 nephew who graduated from USMA.
1 nephew in ROTC in college.
1 nephew who will be going active in the military after completing ROTC training while in undergrad school (he's now in grad school).

To these men in my life, and all of the men & women who have ever put their lives on the line for the love of our great country, 

Please make it a point to tell service men & women thank you for their service.  It will make their dayIt always chokes me up a little when I voice my appreciation to them.

Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite veteran:
My "Super Duper Paratrooper"!  (He's the one coming down first.  I could always tell which one was him because he was the first one down!

CH before the "C":  He was a lean, mean, US Army fighting machine!


  1. Yes, a big Thank You, indeed! We are blessed because of their service, for sure.

  2. Great post! I have/had some special Veterans in my life too...Saying thanks is a small thing but its still meaningful. Thank you to all the vets in your family today!

  3. Many thanks to all of those who have served, are serving and will serve! God Bless!

  4. You know, my husband has been a veteran for over 38 years, and has never had Veteran's Day off. I think that's a shame.

  5. Great post and I say AMEN and THANK YOU to all of the service men/women/and families that protect us.

  6. schools are closed here today and tomorrow. I wish I had taken the time when my kids were young to go to the ceremonies held on Veteran's Day to honor veterans. They know what the day is, but I think they would have gotten more with a visualization like that. Wonderful service your family has given. Thank them all for me!!

    I am glad we have people willing to fight for our freedom


  7. Wonderful post. Thank you to all your family members who keep us safe and put their lives on the line for us. ((HUGS))

  8. Wow. You have a lot of vets in your family. There are only 4 in mine...but I really appreciate all they do.

  9. I am so grateful to live in this wonderful country. And to live in a military town. Veterans Day takes on a whole new meaning when men and women in uniform are everywhere you go.

  10. This is great Mary.
    A big thank you from my family to all your (our) hero's!!!!


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