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This is what I saw the other day when I went online to check the weather.  Could they have caught her in a better pose?

I've had quite a crazy week this week. I don't think I remember what my kitchen looks like, to be perfectly honest.  Last Saturday, the 5th grade at one of my schools had a fundraiser at McAlister's Deli to benefit one of the teachers whose house caught on fire a couple of weeks ago.  Thankfully they weren't at home when it broke.  It was, however, a total loss.
Sunday I actually cooked:  Chicken Pot Pie, compliments of my SIL.  To be perfectly honest, YS did most of the preparation.  For some reason, we just had a little bit of a problem getting the top crust to brown.
Monday the church sponsored a "Women's Appreciation Dinner".  We had a nice dinner, followed by a speaker, Cooter.  Okay, Cooter isn't his real name, but it fit him, for sure.  He was a very good storyteller, but there was just one problem.  As I was listening to him, I thought, "something isn't right".  The more I listened, I realized what it was:  He says his /l/ sound at the beginning of the word with the back of his tongue.  Yes, it bothered me the rest of the night.  I don't think anyone else realized it, but to my trained ear, it was kind of irritating.  But, like I said, he was a good storyteller, and I did my best to ignore the error!
Tuesday we had our special ed dinner out.  We went to the local location of the restaurant I had gone to during our Sisters' Weekend.   This location didn't disappoint, at all.  And, it's always nice to spend some "away from school" time with coworkers.
Wednesday I had a band booster executive board meeting at Panera.   The broccoli-cheddar soup is amazing, by the way.  
Yesterday was a day off!  YAY!  CH went to Applebee's to eat dinner (they had free dinners to veterans) so I just grabbed something from the freezer at the grocery store for YS & I.  I know, I know...I really should've cooked, but I had a case of the lazies.  
Last Friday was really weird.  When I got home from work to let the girls out before I went to help setup the concessions for the game, it started sleeting.   At first I thought it was hail, but it just kept on coming and kept on coming.  This is what the rail on the porch looked like:

 Weird, huh?  It stopped just before I left to go to the game, which was weird, too.  The small town HS scored 21 points in the first 7 minutes.  The Mercy Rule went into effect the 2nd half, plus the quarters were reduced to 10 minutes instead of 12.   Even with cleaning up the concession stand and literally being the last person to leave the stadium, I was home by 10:00...the game started at 7:00.  Weird...just weird.

Sunday afternoon, one of my sisters called and said she was bringing this over:
 Sorry I didn't get a picture of the whole pie, but MS was home.  I don't think anything else needs to be said except that I my sister.  No. Lie.  I also love living close enough to my sisters so they can do nice things for me!  Especially when they bring me apple pie!  (This last sentence was added after Kimert chastised me for not specifying what kind of pie it was!)
One last thing:  I've posted views from one of my schools this past winter in the snow.  I was walking past one of the Kindergarten classrooms on Tuesday and was just stunned by the view and wanted to share it:

Absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?  And, just to be fair, here's a shot from the parking lot of my other school:
I'll have to try to get a picture of the view behind the school...it's beautiful, too.
Have a great weekend!


  1. What gorgeous views indeed! I was crazy here as well. Hardly had a chance to blog or read other blogs. It makes those quiet moments even better :)

  2. We had a few flakes fall on Monday. At first I thought I was seeing things but then hubs called and said it was doing the same thing at his office. You do have some great views!

  3. You can't go posting pictures of half eaten pie without saying what KIND of pie you were so lucky to have enjoyed! ;)
    My fave part of my morning drive to work is the view of GSM. Any day of the year it is just pretty much gorgeous and reminds me how much I love living here.

  4. Those views are absolutely incredible!

    I've tried and I've tried but I can not picture the sound the man was making. It made me laugh that it bothered you though, occupational hazard, huh?

    I would not be cooking in your shoes either. Enjoy the break.

  5. Hi,
    There's an award for you over on my main blog, if you'd like to come over and pick it up. Have a great weekend! Kathy

  6. that is an awesome view!! sounds like you had a great week with lots of variety of eating!! always good to have opportunities like that to keep one out of the kitchen! that was nice what Applebee's did for veteran's. I know Outback here gave veterans and people still serving in the military a free bloomin' onion today.

    have a great weekend!


  7. Those are beautiful views!

    The hubby was making butternut squash soup last night and added some apples. I told him I should make an apple pie and he said no. he likes store bought pies better. Lucky me! ;-)

  8. Those views would almost make it worth it to have to be at work. Almost.

  9. you now have me craving apple pie... with cool whip...

  10. Wow! Busy week, my friend!! Love those pictures! So gorgeous!

  11. Hope you take vitamins if you plan to keep that shedule! Great photo!

  12. Very busy week! Hope you can relax some this weekend! Sleet already, wow.

  13. It's a beautiful view. Oh my you have been so busy. Can't believe you had sleet already! Makes me cold just thinking about it. Have a nice weekend.

  14. Apple pie from *your* sister??!! My first thought when I read those words were "I wish I lived closer!" I know it was great!

    I snowed here last Saturday. A really nice snow shower that left a dusting on the cars.

  15. Those are gorgeous views.
    Very sad about a family losing their home....my condolences to them.

    I knew that was an apple pie. Not sure how, but NOW I want one.
    Why did my Mom NOT give me a sister? She is gonna get it when I see her.


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