My Day Off

The Tudors Season 4 DVDs are on the entertainment center, ready to be watched.  I knew if I sat down, I'd be enthralled and nothing would get done.  So, I tried to be disciplined and do things around the house.  My desk went from this:
To this:
Because CH bought me this little gem:
Isn't he a sweetheart?  :D

So, after I got the desk cleaned up, I had to clean the floors.  And the kitchen.  Then the living room.  And then the bathroom.  Plus dusting.  And all this while washing clothes.  What a day off!  The good thing is, I have another day off tomorrow because of Election Day, so that's the day I'll get some Tudor-watching in!

Saturday we hosted a band competition.  We had 25 bands attending, and at least 2 of these bands had around 250 members in them...each.  Our high school only has a little over 500 students, so of course our stadium isn't very big.  My biggest worry was that we wouldn't be able to fit everybody in.  It should've been that I would be able to get out of the concession stand.  For some reason, the door wouldn't open, so we were trapped.  The good thing was that we were incredibly busy, so we didn't have a chance to leave.  The kids that worked ended up crawling through the window. I texted the booster president and told him that we were stuck.  He must've thought I was joking, because I didn't get a response from him.  So, I called him.  He came up, crawled through the window, and tried to get out.  He couldn't, so he decided to crawl back through and try to get the policeman's help.  I have no idea how long they worked on the door, but they ended up having to take the whole doorknob off of the door.    Supposedly that was the worst thing that happened all night, so the festival must have been a success!  Yesterday was a recuperation day.  Every part of my body hurt Saturday night.  We were so busy that I only had time to eat 1 piece of pizza all day long.  Hopefully we made a lot of money for our kids!


  1. Nice work on the desk! You deserve to relax today with the Tudors...Enjoy!!

  2. I love The Tudors! Enjoy your day!

    I'd have been out the window with the kid : )

  3. You're much more disciplined than I am. I'd have watched the Tudors!

  4. But doesn't it feel awesome when all of that cleaning is done. It took me three days to scrub down my kitchen...craziness!

    Love the new laptop! Awesome!

    Enjoy our day off, after voting!

  5. You are welcome at my house anytime you have a "day off"!

  6. Yikes!! I don't like feeling trapped! Sounds like you deserve a break for sure. Enjoy your day off!!!

  7. WOW...what a turnaround!

    I can't watch the Tudors without staying up for LONG periods of time so that I can watch the entire series in one sitting.

  8. how exciting with the laptop!! what a nice hubby he is indeed (for that and I'm sure tons of other reasons) Your re-organization of the desk was amazing; looked really nice (now to keep it that way, right?)

    What a band competition! I am sure you will remember this one as the year you were trapped! I would think I would have gotten a bit claustrophic myself knowing I couldn't get out!

    glad you had today to recuperate from your massive cleaning of Monday and your hectic busy weekend!


  9. Your desk looks great.....and you will love your laptop.
    Now you must get wireless if you don't already have it. Amazing.
    I heard the Tudors was great.
    We had our county Band show last weekend too.
    Our band is the 2nd biggest in our county with 254 kids. The biggest has 365!!! Isn't that just crazy??? Of course those number included all the dancers/guard too.

  10. I can't believe you got stuck in the concession stand! Above and beyond, for sure. :)

    The desk looks wonderful. Woohoo on the laptop! Very fun. Now you can take it and go somewhere and not have to worry about messing up the desk.

  11. Your desk looks great, Mary, and good for you for getting so much done SO you can watch the Tudors tomorrow! Have a great day off!

  12. AND I love, love, love your new blog look! Gorgeous!

  13. Wow-That sounds kind of dangerous. I'm glad you made it out of there (though you probably wouldn't have starved in there, haha.

    Love your new layout, BTW.

    Congrats on the sweet hubby and the sweet gift! :)

  14. got a lot of cleaning done.

    Congrats on the new laptop. Very nice!

    You got trapped int eh concession stand? That is kind of scary. I'm glad tat they got you out!!

  15. New computers are wonderful, yes? Yay for a moment to prop your feet up when you have a spare moment. ;) I've never seen The Tudors. Getting trapped? Good thing the 'busy' kept you distracted. Yikes.


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